This storm

Hey y’all! Today I’ve come with a few things to talk to about, so here’s my plan of attack for today:

  • Quote of the day from April 27 and what it means
  • Keeping motivated
  • A few simple ways to start the day off right.

Quote from April 27

Alright, so first off, I wanted to talk to you all about the quote from this Monday, April 27. It was “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” I was so excited when I saw this quote because it has been a favorite of mine ever since I was little. In middle school art class, I even made a painting with it.

My middle school painting 🙂 Obviously I’m not a professional artist, but I love to create

That being said, let’s talk about what it really means. All quotes really have different meanings to different people depending on where they are in their lives. The overall message that I get from this quote is that obstacles will be thrown at you, and you can’t just sit there and wait until they go away. Either obstacles will never go away or they will beat you up in the process. Instead, you have to address the challenge and work through it, enjoying the process (AKA “dancing in the rain”). I feel like this really applies to life right now, and what is going on in the world. Most people are stuck at home in quarantine right now, including me. And trust me, I know how hard it is and how badly you want to get back to a normal life again. However, this is the challenge we are ALL being faced with. You are not alone, we are all going through it. So here’s the deal: instead of waiting for this storm to pass,(which it WILL) appreciate the process and work through it. Take this time to get something done you’ve been putting off forever. Clean that old junk drawer. Vacuum out your car. Take this time to appreciate your health and that you have a home to keep you safe right now. Take this time to do some reflecting on yourself! I suggest taking some time daily to reflect on yourself and the day.Write down one thing you are grateful for, one thing that made you smile, etc. (P.S. Should I make a post focused on that?? Maybe a reflecting journal page? Let me know in the comments or by email!)

One thing that makes me SO happy right now is that I get to blog WAY more. I love sharing my ideas and life with you all. So just remember, when this storm does pass, we will all be way stronger. But for now, work through it and enjoy life!


Now on to a little talk about motivation! While we are pushing through this storm, let’s talk about HOW to dance in the rain. Right now, I have no work and no school, so there really is nothing pressing on me (except for ONE final exam I have to take at the beginning of May). However, it is so so important that you keep motivated and still get some work done. Here’s some awesome ways you can keep yourself motivated

  1. Start the day off right, which I will give you a few tips on later. It is so amazing getting out of bed in the morning and setting yourself up for a great day ahead.
  2. Set some goals. These can be long term or short term goals. I would suggest making one big list of things that need to be done, doesn’t matter if they are long or short term. This way you have all your goals set up in one place. Then, at the beginning of the week, make a list of priorities, or tasks you want to accomplish throughout the week. Big tasks like cleaning the garage or reorganizing a room. Then, assign one task to every day, or one task to two days depending how big it is. Finally, make a list daily of what you want to do. Here’s my favorite weekly layout right now, with daily to-dos. I’ve got a picture for you, and the link to the post:

3. COMMIT to your goals. If you want to get it done, you have to commit!

4. Keep your body moving. Even just a quick walk around the block. Exercise reduces stress hormones, and helps in the production of endorphins (natural painkillers and mood boosters).

5. Most importantly, keep a positive attitude. That is the best way to keep yourself motivated and happy. Kick that frown out of town, like the quote from April 28:) Isn’t it perfect how the quotes always seem to relate to my posts?!

Last but not least: A few ways to start the day off right

  1. Wake up and make your bed. This seems so minor, but really making your bed is an accomplishment. You did your first task of the day, and are ready to tackle whatever comes next. Plus, it is a reminder that the little things are important too.
  2. Do what I like to call a “ten minute tidy.” THis is just a quick room clean up for a fresh start. Pick up any laundry off your floor, take out any trash, remove any dishes from your nightstand. If you do this every day, your room can never get horribly messy, which is seriously the WORST.
  3. Take a few minutes to focus on the positive in your life. What is one thing you are looking forward to today? Why do you feel grateful? What makes you smile? Sit there and smile to yourself, no one will judge!
  4. Stretch or do some yoga for ten minutes. This will get your body moving, your brain active, and increase energy for the rest of the day. It’s also a great idea to do this before bed every night to let go of the day’s stress and all the tension in your body.
  5. Listen to your favorite song. This is sure to make you happy and start your day off on the right note. Ha, see what I did there?
  6. Drink a big glass of water. Bonus if you add lemon. Starts the day hydrated and refreshed.
  7. Open up your blinds. The light helps you wake up, and natural sunlight is so much better than a room light shining you right in the face. For real though, nothing is better than some real sunlight coming through in the morning.
  8. Set a major goal for the day. Is there something you really need to get done? Do it! Every day, choose to tackle one major thing. When there is nothing you absolutely have to do, take the time to get some housework done, or maybe even finish some artwork you have been working on forever.
  9. Write down your ten smaller tasks to accomplish. EIther do this in your bullet journal or just on a small piece of paper. The first one can be making the bed, and you can already check that off. After that, the rest is up to you. Rememeber that these are smaller tasks, so something like laundry or emptying the dishwasher is perfect. Just some little goals to keep you on top!

If you made it through this whole post, or even if you just read a section of it, thank you! I hope I was able to inspire you all in this tough time to keep yourselves motivated and happy!

As always, with love

EmmaGrace Furgason

My Post Organizer

Hello everyone! I hope you had a good week, and are coming into an exciting weekend. Or maybe the whole week feels like the weekend because you are stuck at home? Honestly, I only know what day it is because of my daily quotes. That’s one reason why I love them so much. Besides the fact that the quotes give me some inspiration every morning when I wake up, they help me remember what day it is. And, posting them every morning for you all to see makes it even better!

Whether you needed this weekend horribly or not, I am posting today with a different spread from my normal. It’s not a daily, weekly, or monthly spread, but instead is what I like to call a “post organizer.” I actually made this a while ago, for my old site. The top is filled in already with a post idea from a LONG time ago, but I finally decided to start using the spread again. So… here it is!

This spread has two post ideas per page. Of course, the first thing I did was split the page in half. Then, at the top of each section, I wrote post with a skinny box next to it for the title. As always, do some calligraphy here if you are feeling crafty. Below I split the page about 60/40, for the main points and to-dos for the blog. The main points section is pretty self explanatory, but I’ll give you an example of what I would put in the “to-do” box. For each of my posts, I take pictures of my spreads, which would be a good example of a to-do. Other examples would include coming up with a title, advertising the post on social media, etc. Last but not least, I have a notes section, which is just for any extra ideas, notes, or comments you have about your post.

I know this spread may not apply to some of you out there, but I hope you read through it anyway. If you don’t have a blog, it can be applied to other ideas, like essays! Before I write a school essay I have to sit down and get my ideas in place before I do anything else. Something like this is so helpful for that. And, if you are thinking about starting your own blog, this is a good way to organize your thoughts and get started. If you already have a blog, I hope this gives you some inspiration on starting your next post!

As always, with love,


Month of March

EDIT: I am reposting this from the beginning of March.

So I finally have a monthly spread to share with you guys! I want to say thank you for your patience as I continue to grow my website. Life has been busy, but I am trying to post as many spreads as possible. Here is March of this year, which are just my plain layouts. I haven’t added much to them, because I like to show them off simple, and you guys can always customize it exactly to your taste. For this spread, I based it off of the Me and My Big Ideas monthly layouts. I used to have the pre-made layouts with the boxes, but I decided I wanted to do it myself. Each box is eighy units by eight units, which leaves extra on the side for some notes. I used a ballpoint pen for the edges, the blue stripes are sharpie highlighter, and the date at the top is using a Koi Coloring Brush Pen. I used numbered stickers to make the dates because they are a lot neater than my handwriting. Besides that, it is pretty empty for you guys to take it in any direction you would life.

April Expenses

Finally, I am making my post about my monthly expenses spread. I know I posted this before but I just wanted to highlight it a little more in its own post. To start out, I drew “April Expenses” at the top. If you are more artsy than me, feel free to do your own calligraphy and make this even prettier. Next, I divided my paper up into sections. I based their size off how much I had to write in each one. BUT… did you catch my mistake in there?? This is an expense spread, but there is no price spot. So, either you can break the page up more, or do what I did, which is change the category section to a price section. The category would be something like food, but it is not nessecary for the spread if you have a section for “what” and “where”.

I will explain each of my sections a little more in depth. First, I started with the date. I like to know when I spend money throughout the month, and I can also see my no spend days. Speaking of no spending, I might add that to the page next month… maybe a little chart to fill in days that I don’t spend money. Let me know what you guys think about that either in the comments or by email. The more days I don’t spend, the more full the chart becomes, and the more satisfying.

Anyway, back to THIS page. My next sections are what I bought and where, which are pretty self explanatory. I have the category, (which I changed to price) which would be food, groceries, etc. If you want to keep category and make more sections than me, that is awesome. Otherwise just use price since this is a pretty essential section. Next is DC and C, which stand for debit card and cash. I had to abbreviate because there was not enough room. I don’t write anything in these boxes, but simply check which method I used. Lastly, I wrote need and want, which are also small becuase I just check which box it is. This way I can always tell if I spent money on something I actually needed to buy, or just for fun. Another idea you could add to this spread is a total at the end of the month, separated into needs and wants. If you distinguish between a need and want, you will become more aware of how much you spend on nonessential items, and hopefully cut down on those. That’s about it for this spread!

Please email or comment if you love this spread, or have any suggestions!

As always, with love,


To-Do list: April Week 2

How have you guys been doing this week? I know its nearing the end of the week, and I’m just now posting a spread, but hopefully you can use this next week. This new one is a little more complicated than last week, but I think it’s my favorite so far. Here it is:

So my calligraphy is obviously not the best, but I’m working on it! For this I split the pages up into thirds and wrote the day of the week at the top. Just like last week, I have 10 goals for each day, under the To-Do list. But… I really wanted to make this week a little more than just a to-do list. I added a few stickers for some encouragement, and a couple of different prompts for different days. One day is what made me smile, one day is what I am grateful for, etc. Then one day I tried my best to do a little calligraphy quote myself.

Let me know if you have any questions about this spread, or any suggestions for future ones!


To-Do list- April 6-12, 2020

I want to hear it.. What are YOUR goals for the week?

Each day I like to make a list of ten things that I want to accomplish. Some days there are more, some days there are less. Being off of work and school right now has made me realize I really need to set goals for myself. If I don’t, I will be lazy all day, and I have accepted this about myself. So, each day I make a list of what I have to do. It can be as simple as making my bed, or something like organizing my bookshelves. Anything to keep me accountable. When you have nothing you absolutely need to get done, it is important do some work and keep youself accountable for not sitting around the house all day long. Of course it’s fun to sit around and play games all day, but this is why I keep my bullet journal. I do the things on my list, and then I can play games, or do a puzzle.

The Design

This is the same layout as last week but I touched it up a little. I started by writing Monday through Wednesday at the top of my page, each taking up a third of the page. Under each, I made ten blocks that I can check off. I made the blocks smaller than the actual dots on the paper, but I just like it that way. You’re welcome to make the blocks the size of the actual dots on the paper. Uderneath these, I wrote Thursday through Saturday, keeping them in line with Monday through Wendesday. I made the ten blocks under these too, and then just Sunday was left. Since Sunday was all by itself, I had to switch things up a little bit and I actually made eleven boxes. Why not do a little extra on Sunday? To fill up the rest of the page, I just did my goals for the week, as in tasks that I have to accomplish by Sunday, but that I don’t necessarily have to do in one day. Instead of goals, you could make this a quote you like, notes, or anything else fun to fill up the bottom of the page

As always, with love,


Qaurantined To-Dos and April Budgeting

As promised, here are my two new spreads of the week. I will go more in depth on my expenses page in post under “Monthly Spreads,” since this is a monthly spread I like to have all the time. The other is just a temporary format that I put my daily to-do’s on. And yes, I did have more stuff to do later in the week, I just took the picture on Tuesday! I messed up on my writing, but you get the idea. Sometimes things are not perfect, and that’s what I want to show you guys. I am no where near professional but I love to bullet journal and want to show you all that you can do it too! You don’t have to be perfect at something to love doing it!

Well, I really messed this one up, but that’s okay. It still got the job done for me and kept me on my toes this week. Of course, my desk chair rolled over it too… but you get the idea! More to come for next week. Hopefully a little better:)