To-Do list- April 6-12, 2020

I want to hear it.. What are YOUR goals for the week?

Each day I like to make a list of ten things that I want to accomplish. Some days there are more, some days there are less. Being off of work and school right now has made me realize I really need to set goals for myself. If I don’t, I will be lazy all day, and I have accepted this about myself. So, each day I make a list of what I have to do. It can be as simple as making my bed, or something like organizing my bookshelves. Anything to keep me accountable. When you have nothing you absolutely need to get done, it is important do some work and keep youself accountable for not sitting around the house all day long. Of course it’s fun to sit around and play games all day, but this is why I keep my bullet journal. I do the things on my list, and then I can play games, or do a puzzle.

The Design

This is the same layout as last week but I touched it up a little. I started by writing Monday through Wednesday at the top of my page, each taking up a third of the page. Under each, I made ten blocks that I can check off. I made the blocks smaller than the actual dots on the paper, but I just like it that way. You’re welcome to make the blocks the size of the actual dots on the paper. Uderneath these, I wrote Thursday through Saturday, keeping them in line with Monday through Wendesday. I made the ten blocks under these too, and then just Sunday was left. Since Sunday was all by itself, I had to switch things up a little bit and I actually made eleven boxes. Why not do a little extra on Sunday? To fill up the rest of the page, I just did my goals for the week, as in tasks that I have to accomplish by Sunday, but that I don’t necessarily have to do in one day. Instead of goals, you could make this a quote you like, notes, or anything else fun to fill up the bottom of the page

As always, with love,


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