April Expenses

Finally, I am making my post about my monthly expenses spread. I know I posted this before but I just wanted to highlight it a little more in its own post. To start out, I drew “April Expenses” at the top. If you are more artsy than me, feel free to do your own calligraphy and make this even prettier. Next, I divided my paper up into sections. I based their size off how much I had to write in each one. BUT… did you catch my mistake in there?? This is an expense spread, but there is no price spot. So, either you can break the page up more, or do what I did, which is change the category section to a price section. The category would be something like food, but it is not nessecary for the spread if you have a section for “what” and “where”.

I will explain each of my sections a little more in depth. First, I started with the date. I like to know when I spend money throughout the month, and I can also see my no spend days. Speaking of no spending, I might add that to the page next month… maybe a little chart to fill in days that I don’t spend money. Let me know what you guys think about that either in the comments or by email. The more days I don’t spend, the more full the chart becomes, and the more satisfying.

Anyway, back to THIS page. My next sections are what I bought and where, which are pretty self explanatory. I have the category, (which I changed to price) which would be food, groceries, etc. If you want to keep category and make more sections than me, that is awesome. Otherwise just use price since this is a pretty essential section. Next is DC and C, which stand for debit card and cash. I had to abbreviate because there was not enough room. I don’t write anything in these boxes, but simply check which method I used. Lastly, I wrote need and want, which are also small becuase I just check which box it is. This way I can always tell if I spent money on something I actually needed to buy, or just for fun. Another idea you could add to this spread is a total at the end of the month, separated into needs and wants. If you distinguish between a need and want, you will become more aware of how much you spend on nonessential items, and hopefully cut down on those. That’s about it for this spread!

Please email or comment if you love this spread, or have any suggestions!

As always, with love,