Month of March

EDIT: I am reposting this from the beginning of March.

So I finally have a monthly spread to share with you guys! I want to say thank you for your patience as I continue to grow my website. Life has been busy, but I am trying to post as many spreads as possible. Here is March of this year, which are just my plain layouts. I haven’t added much to them, because I like to show them off simple, and you guys can always customize it exactly to your taste. For this spread, I based it off of the Me and My Big Ideas monthly layouts. I used to have the pre-made layouts with the boxes, but I decided I wanted to do it myself. Each box is eighy units by eight units, which leaves extra on the side for some notes. I used a ballpoint pen for the edges, the blue stripes are sharpie highlighter, and the date at the top is using a Koi Coloring Brush Pen. I used numbered stickers to make the dates because they are a lot neater than my handwriting. Besides that, it is pretty empty for you guys to take it in any direction you would life.

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