My Post Organizer

Hello everyone! I hope you had a good week, and are coming into an exciting weekend. Or maybe the whole week feels like the weekend because you are stuck at home? Honestly, I only know what day it is because of my daily quotes. That’s one reason why I love them so much. Besides the fact that the quotes give me some inspiration every morning when I wake up, they help me remember what day it is. And, posting them every morning for you all to see makes it even better!

Whether you needed this weekend horribly or not, I am posting today with a different spread from my normal. It’s not a daily, weekly, or monthly spread, but instead is what I like to call a “post organizer.” I actually made this a while ago, for my old site. The top is filled in already with a post idea from a LONG time ago, but I finally decided to start using the spread again. So… here it is!

This spread has two post ideas per page. Of course, the first thing I did was split the page in half. Then, at the top of each section, I wrote post with a skinny box next to it for the title. As always, do some calligraphy here if you are feeling crafty. Below I split the page about 60/40, for the main points and to-dos for the blog. The main points section is pretty self explanatory, but I’ll give you an example of what I would put in the “to-do” box. For each of my posts, I take pictures of my spreads, which would be a good example of a to-do. Other examples would include coming up with a title, advertising the post on social media, etc. Last but not least, I have a notes section, which is just for any extra ideas, notes, or comments you have about your post.

I know this spread may not apply to some of you out there, but I hope you read through it anyway. If you don’t have a blog, it can be applied to other ideas, like essays! Before I write a school essay I have to sit down and get my ideas in place before I do anything else. Something like this is so helpful for that. And, if you are thinking about starting your own blog, this is a good way to organize your thoughts and get started. If you already have a blog, I hope this gives you some inspiration on starting your next post!

As always, with love,


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