Monthly Spread-September

I can’t believe we’ve already made it to September! It seems like just yesterday was March, and we were all in lockdown. Now, we’re getting into corn maze season! If you didn’t know this already, I am so excited for fall because I love all fall activities (except for haunted houses, no way!!). I can’t wait to go through corn mazes, pick apples, and carve pumpkins.

ALSO! I have not been very good about this recently, but I wanted to start getting into the program of providing you all with monthly spreads at the beginning of each month. Today, I am going to share with you my gratitude and expense trackers.

September(October and November) Gratitude Tracker

This gratitude tracker is a new spread that I’ve never tried before, but I think it will be really awesome for my mind to write down one thing I’m thankful for everyday. Being stuck at home during COVID made me really think about everything and everyone that I love in my life. It inspired me to make this spread because we often take so much for granted, and I think taking just a moment each day to think about what and who you love is essential.

I combined the next three months just to save some paper, knowing I can write pretty small. If you prefer to write bigger, feel free to make this spread for only one or two months per page. Basically, all this spread has are the dates of the month, and you write down one thing you’re grateful for next to each number. This can be anything simple, such as your family, to something more specific, like an event that took place during the day.

September Expense Tracker

I love this expense tracker because it highlights so much in just one spread. I started off with a couple doodles at the top. Of course, you can feel free to draw whatever you want. I didn’t have any stencils at the time, so don’t mind my attempt at drawing:). Below my doodles are where I will put my goals for my checking and savings accounts, with a start and end balance. I also have goals for how much money I should spend on needs, wants, and anything in between. I have a section for what I WANT to spend(to fill out at the beginning of the month), and a section for what I ACTUALLY spend(to fill out at the end of the month). Below that is a section for bills, and then I have a tracker for the days I don’t spend any money. Each day is a 2×2 box, and when I don’t spend any money that day, I color in the box. That way at the end of the month I will know how often I spent money. You can also make a goal, such as only spending money 15 days of the month. Lastly, I have a tracker for money spending. In April, I made one of these as well. It has a category for the day you bought the object, and what exactly it was. What store did it come from, what category(food or crafts, for example), and total amount you spent. Next to that is where it gets a little complicated, and of course where I messed up. C and DC are cash and debit card; you just put a check mark on whatever one you used. N and W stand for need and want, which you would also just check off.

I hope you loved these new spreads for September, and are inspired to make them for your bullet journal! Email me or let me know in the comments if there are any specific spreads you would like to see for next month.

As always,

with love,


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