College Bullet Journal Spreads

College Life with EmmaGrace Part 3(a)

Good morning! I hope everyone is having an amazing week, and not working too hard;). Did you have Labor Day off, or did you have to go to work/school. Unfortunetly, I had to go to school, and I had a biology test. The good news is that I got to go home for the weekend and I was able to see my family and my pets! It felt amazing to see everyone again, and coming back to school this week I feel so refreshed!

This is the post you’ve all been waiting for: the college bullet journal! I have been waiting to share these spreads with you until I had done a few other tips and tricks posts, but now the time has come. Of course, this is my college bullet journal, but you could use it in high school as well. As you saw in the title, I named this section a of part 3. I have quite a few different spreads, so I will be breaking them up into two blog posts.

#1. Required Textbooks

This is one of my favorite spreads because I have all the books I need for each class all in once place. I can check this spread to make sure I have all the books, see how much I spent, where I bought them, etc. Below are the measurements and background of each summary.

  • Textbook: 11×2 box, you can write the name of the book, or the ISBN number
  • Price: 4×2 box, the price you paid including tax
  • Store book: 3×2, checkmark for a physical book, I would just write the word book. I honestly cannot remember why I wrote store book, but it Is just a box to show if it is a real book
  • Online book: 3×2, place a checkmark if it is only an online book. Below I have a section for online books that I will expand on
  • Class: 4×2, what class is that book for?
  • Paid: 3×2, put a check in the book once you have ordered and paid for the book
  • Received: 3×2, put a check here once you’ve actually received the book
  • Where: 5×2, note if you bought the book on Amazon, the college bookstore, or somewhere else
  • Below is just the total amount spent on all the books combines

Online textbooks section

  • Textbook: 10×2, just the name of the textbook, or the ISBN
  • Link: 10×2, either the direct link to the textbook or the site you can find it on
  • Password: 7×2, just the login password
  • Username: 8×2, the username for the site, usually your email

Project Planner by The Happy Planner

I just HAD to add in this Happy Planner page, perfect for any type of school project. I personally only use it for my bigger projects, like essays. This really helps me get my thoughts and ideas down on paper before I actually do the project. Sometimes you can have a project that will take a month or longer, so you can write down all the separate due dates from the teacher, or just your personal goals for when to have parts done. You can buy this 40 page pack at Jo-Anns (and other crafts stores) or directly from The Happy Planner wbsite.

Class Overview

In this bullet journal spread, I have all the information I could ever need for each of my classes. Each box goes across the whole page, and is five boxes down. At the corner, I added a little 2×2 box just for some decoration. At the top of each box, I wrote the FULL class name, along with the shortened name and section number. For example, Intro to Cellular Biology can be shortened to BIOl 103-01. In each box, I wrote the professor’s name and what type of class it is (lecture, lab, etc). Then, I have the professor’s email and the location of the class, with building and room number. Lastly, I have the days and times of each class. I made sure to leave extra room in the boxes for extra information you may receive on the first day.

In short, this spread includes…

  • Class name: full and shortened
  • Professor
  • Class Type
  • Professor email
  • Location
  • Times and days

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