Morning and Nightly Routines

Hi all! Happy Monday, I hope you have an amazing start to your week. A great Monday sets you into the swing for a great week. Sooo.. start the day by waking up early and treating yourself to a nice cup of coffee (or whatever beverage you prefer). Do something for yourself today, whether it be writing in a journal or taking a long bath. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re just taking some time for you! It is important to practice self care everyday, but I feel like Mondays are especially important because it sets you up for the rest of the week. If you love on yourself Monday, you will continue to have a great week afterwards. However, I feel like if I do nothing good for myself on Monday, I just continue that trend all week.

Another thing: make your bed! If you make your bed to begin the week, it keeps you going all week. If you don’t do it in the begining, you will never want to. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. I won’t do something one day, then it turns into two days, and a whole week. Long story short: start Monday off productive!

TodayI just wanted to give you a quick overview of my morning and nightly routines.

SPOILER ALERT: I have a future post where I share a day in my life, so it obviously mentions my morning and night routines. As you may know, I love routine in my life because I think it puts you in control. So, here it goes!

Mornings: before class

  1. Make my bed: I’ve talked this in a few other posts, but when you make your bed, you’ve accomplished the first task of the day.
  2. Update my blog: As you’ve seen, I upload a new quote everyday. I try to do this right when I get up so it is ready for the rest of the day.
  3. Brush my teeth, brush my hair, do my skin care routine: never forget your morning hygiene! It only takes about five minutes, and it’s so crucial to get you ready for the day. I normally don’t wear any makeup, just wash my face and put on some moisterizer, and I am good to go.
  4. Get dressed. Duh. BUT I won’t lie… I do stay in my pajamas all day sometimes:)
  5. Eat breakfast: Don’t forget the most important meal of the day! I try to eat breakfast everyday. Either I go to the dining hall or sometimes I just eat some fruit from my dorm room. If I don’t eat breakfast, I get very crabby by the time lunch comes around! Plus, I don’t have much time to eat a snack between my morning classes. When I get up and eat before going to class, I am ready to go and energized until lunch.
  6. Drink a big glass of water: I try to drink 64 ounces of water, and when you wake up is a great time to start. Drinking water when you get up is awesome for rehydrating your body after sleep, so don’t forget a glass of water with your breakfast!


  1. Ten minute tidy: I’ll spare you the details because I’ve talked about my ten minute tidy many times before. If you wanna learn about it, read “Surviving the First Week of Collge”
  2. Brush my teeth, brush my hair, skincare routine, floss: Just as important as in the morning. Even when I am exhausted, I try to do all of this. Like I mentioned before, if I don’t do my nightly hygiene one night, it gets easier to forget about it the next night, and the rest of the week
  3. Put on my PJs: I cannot sleep unless I’m super comfy, so comfy PJs are a must!
  4. Set my alarm: Unless it’s the weekend, I have to wake up early for classes. I always set my alarm right before I go to bed. I actually set an alarm and a timer on my phone because I worry that one won’t go off. Call me overboard, but that happened to me one time and I never want it to happen again.
  5. Fill out my daily planner for the next day: At the beginning of the week, I fill out my weekly planner with all my meetings, classes, and anything else I have planned. However, each night I fill out a daily planner that has my hour by hour schedule for the next day. I don’t have to stick to the exact schdeule, but at least it is a basic layout of the day. In my daily planner, I also have a list for top proiorities and a to-do list. My top priorities include the number of classes I have, meetings I have to attend, or big projects I have to complete. The to-do list contains smaller chores such as homework or work around the dorm.
  6. Do some deep breathing: I often take a long time to fall asleep, especially if I have something on my mind. After I have done everything else for the night, I do some deep breathing for at least five minutes to ease my mind before I fall asleep. I find it helps me sleep better and takes my mind off of everything that happened during the day.

What I WISH I did

We all have things that we wish we did, but never get in the habit of doing, right? I am here to be truthful with you and tell you that I feel the same way. Here are some ideas of what I wish I included in my morning or night routines.

  1. Stretching: I always stretch before and after I work out during the day, but I have never gotten into the habit or doing it when I wake up or go to bed. However, only five minutes of stretching in the morning and night is really good for you. In the morning, a stretch gets your muscles moving from a long night of rest, and it can wake up your brain. Stretching at night relaxes your mind and muscles from the day’s tensions.
  2. Wake up earlier: I love to sleep, who doesn’t? But.. that means that I sleep in until I absolutely have to get up in the morning. One of my goals is to wake up just 10 minutes ealier so I have more time to myself just to wake up and prepare my mind for the day. I usually have a couple minutes of relaxation in the morning, but I would love to wake up just a tad earlier.
  3. Be thankful: Of course, I’m always thankful for everyone and everything in my life. However, I would like to add just a minute of gratitude to my morning and nightly routines. I posted before about my gratitude tracker, but it would be awesome to go a little beyond that. Just two minutes twice a day where I just sit by myself and think about everything I love in my life. There is always so much to be thankful for.
My gratitude tracker for the next few months

How can you build a routine?

  1. Start by creating some ideas for what you might want to do. Separate these into daily and nightly routines. In the morning, do you want to wake up earlier, or go for a run? At night, do you want to stretch before bed or read a chapter of your book? You will want to start off adding only a few items to your routine, but at least start off with a big list of any potential ideas.
  2. Once you have a list of ideas, choose a few that are really important to you. To start off, maybe only add one or two things to your morning and night routines so you aren’t completely overwhelmed. Figure out how much time each activity will take you so you can plan how much earlier you need to wake up or how much time you need to plan before you go to bed. Maybe your routine is going to take you fifteen minutes, so you shouold plan fifteen minutes extra before bed. Don’t stay up fifteen minutes later just build your routine into the day.
  3. Set your alarm or reminder. When you set your alarm for the morning, make sure that you’re adding time for these new activities in your routine. DONT press the snooze, I repeat DONT press the snooze, or you won’t be able to get everything done. I would even set an alarm at night before bed letting you know it’s time to do your nightly routine. That way you don’t forget until it’s actually time for bed, and at that point you don’t want to do it anymore.
  4. Try out your new routines. Give it at least a week or two befofe you decide to tweek anything. You may not want to get up a little earlier the first week, but once you get into the habit it won’t be too bad. Also, you may want to add soemthing to the routine or take it out because you think it’s not necessary. I suggest waiting the couple weeks to get your new routines a fair try before switching it up.
  5. Give yourself a break. It takes time to set up a new routine and get into the habit of doing it. If you forget the morning routine once, or don’t wake up in time, don’t beat yourself up. You will slowly grow to love and appreicate the change but everything takes time. You must be kind to yiurself and appreciate that you are trying something new.

I wish you the best of luck as you try out a new morning and nightly routine! Let me know in the comments what your routines look like, or what you plan on adding into your routine after reading this!

As always,

with love,


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