School Bullet Journal Spreads

College Life with EmmaGrace: Part 3(b)

Welcome back from the weekend everyone, I hope you all had some time to enjoy yourselves and take a break from school and/or work. Did you do anything fun, or do you have any plans for this upcoming weekend? I know it’s only Monday but it’s never too early to start planning out weekend activities!

Last week I shared a few college(or high school) bullet journal spreads, so I wanted to share the other half of those with you today.

Class Schedule

In this spread, I have my class schedule spread out for each day. Each 30 minute time slot takes up three rows, meaning each dot is ten minutes. I love this spread because I can actually visualize what my day will look like. For example, you can see use how open my Thursday morning is, but how on Monday I am really busy until noon. This spread works really well for college because each day is a bit different. I assume in high school your daily schedule is pretty much the same, but you could still draw this out to visualize your day.

Another thing I really like about this spread is that it helps me plan out meetings around my classes. When someone asks when I am free during the day, all I have to do is look at this spread. Of course, individual weeks may look a little different based on other events going on.

To make this spread, divide the page into five equal sections horizontally, plus one smaller section that just says “day” and “time.” The “day” points to the day of the week and “time” points down to the time each class is. Use each of the other five sections, and write the days of the week in them. Next, use whatever scale you want to do the times. If you want every fifteen minutes to be a box, write the hour every four boxes. I wanted each box to be ten minutes, so the hours were every six boxes. Finally, write in your classes according to the times, and write as much information about the class as you want into the boxes.

Attendance Tracker

This spread was originally for tracking just the attendance in class. If you went to class, didn’t go, or if it was cancelled, all the information would be right here. However, I converted it to a tracker for online and in person classes instead. With COVID, I have some classes always in person, some always online, and some that are hybrid. So, I have a key at the bottom (not pictured) for the days I have class online, in person, or no class. I would color the section in each day according to the key, whether it was in person, online, etc. For example, I used “in person” as pink, so all the times class was in person I drew a little pink square.

To make this spread, I started by numbering the weeks on the side. I wrote the date and the week number. Then, I wrote each class and and the days of the week I have that class across the top. Each day takes up two dots. So, biology is three days a week, meaning its entire section is six boxes. Between each class, I wrote a long line all the way down the paper. Then, I colored in each box for whatever the class was that day. I made another key (just a checkmark and an x) to track if I made it to class or not. I put a checkmark on the box if I go, and an x if I don’t. Don’t worry, I HAVE gone to all of my classes.

Event Planner

This is my semester overview at a glance. Here is where I put all of my big tests, papers, and assignments. I love this spread because I can see everything from every class all in one place. It lets me know if I am going to have a crazy busy week, so I might want to start planning a bit in advance. I check this at least once a week, so I can update my weekly schedule (I use a monthly, weekly, and daily planner). I would recommend making this spread at the beginning of the semester so you don’t have to worry about it again. Most teachers will hand out a syllabus on the first day with all your assignments.

For this spread, I decided to put 2 months into one page, but you could do one month per page, or many months per page. First, drew line across the page horizontally about four dots down, then wrote all my classes at the top of the page in that area. Next, I split the bottom part into two equal sections, for the two months. I did October and November, so I wrote the names of the two months then wrote a mini calendar below. Next, you will write all you assignments and the days they are due. If you want to circle the days on the calendar, you can do that as well. You could also make another key for type of assignment. A circle could mean a test, so you would circle the date that you have a test on the mini calendar. In theory, I would highlight each class at the top a different color so I could highlight the assignments below to match.

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