Fall Spreads

Fall is finally here everyone…officially! Can you believe it? I feel like just yesterday we were starting spring and the beginning of quarantine. I can’t even tell you where summer went. Honestly, I feel like it has been fall for awhile though. I start to prepare so far in advance, and I where I live, it gets cold FAST. I have a couple fall themed spreads for you today, but you could really make them for any season if you just change the drawings 🙂

Fall Bucket List

This spread is so cute and fall-like, it makes me so happy every time I use it. I wanted to give you this spread to either recreate with your own fall bucket list, or just to give you inspiration on what to do over the weekend. By all means, feel free to just go out and copy these plans, that’s what they’re here for!

To make this spread, I started out with a cute little “fall bucket list” title: you can write/draw this in any way you want. Then I have three categories: a general bucket list, a food and drink list, and a self care list. My general list was the longest and included some of the most important foods, drinks, and self care items that I want to do this fall. I used little fall icons instead of checkmarks to show which activities I did. Once I complete the activity, I can just color in the little leaf, ghost, or candy corn.

Spooky Season Mood Tracker

I’m sure you’ve all seen mood trackers before, and maybe you like them or maybe you don’t. One thing that some people don’t like about them is that they require work every day, but I love this because it keeps me accountable. Plus it only takes about ten seconds. A mood tracker is great to view at the end of the month, so you can see how you felt throughout each week. It is also great to go through different mood trackers from month to month so you can track your progress over a long period of time. For example, maybe you had a really hard April, but May you decided to work on your mental health, and your mood tracker reflected that!

To make this spread, I wrote October on the bottom (for some crazy reason). If I were you, I would put the spider web and the October label at the top since October comes before November. To make the spider web, start by drawing three long lines that intersect at the middle. The draw little curves between each line. You want to make five spaces for each line, giving you a total of thirty little crevices. Then, you can color in each box by the day. What I didn’t post on here was my key for the October mood tracker, which is just different colors. Everyday, I just color in the little crevice that corresponds to that day. If you were sad all day, maybe it would be blue, or if it was a great day, maybe it would be pink.

The November mood tracker is a little bit different because it uses patterns as a key instead of colors. Start by making a scarf however you want. My scarf was five boxes wide and each day was two boxes down. So, each day corresponded to eight boxes which is just enough to create a pattern. Based on how I felt that day, I would color in each pattern accordingly. For example, a great day is a polka dot pattern. I am so exited to see how this spread looks at then end of the month, with a fully colored in scarf! Don’t worry, I will post pictures:)

I hope these spreads give you a little inspiration for some fall bullet journaling! Let me know if you end up using these, or any other fall spreads. And, are there any other fall spreads you want me to do??

As always,

with love


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