Using my planners

As you may have noticed from reading through my blog, I am obsessed with planners and organization. When I started this page, the main goal was to share my bullet journal spreads: a bullet journal is basically a creative planner/journal. My tagline is even “bullet journaling, organization, my life.” Not only do I love planning out my whole life with a planner, but I also love to organize. Sometimes I even sit at my desk and my brain decides I cannot do anything else until my entire desk is neat and tidy. Honestly, it’s a pain in the butt to not be able to focus until everything is perfect, but it’s nice sometimes.

Well, it’s been almost a year, and I haven’t shown you all the different planners I have! Throughout the years, I have collected so many different planners. Usually I get sick of the layout before the planner is completed. This is why I love a bullet journal: I can customize it however I want. Unfortunately, I don’t have all my planners to show you while I am away at college. However, I will be showing you the three that I currently use. Three you say? Yes, three! LOL. The first one I use is a daily/hourly planner. I don’t use this EVERY day, only when I really have a lot to do that I have to organize each hour. The next one is an assignment planner, where I plan out all of my assignments for the day and the week. The last one is what I have shared with you before, which is my Happy Planner. I use this as a planner and a bullet journal. In this, I have the spread I made with all my school assignments (I posted about it in School Bullet Journal Spreads). I also have a monthly and a weekly layout, which are what I consider a hybrid between a bullet journal and a planner: you will see what I mean later in this post.

Daily Planner

I got this wonderful daily planner right off of Amazon. You can purchase it through this link! There are three different colors to choose from, and it even has a little dog on the front. If you didn’t know, I LOVE animals. Not only that, but the inside covers have paw prints, and the edges of the pages are stained the same color as the notebook. All this for only $12! Anyway, you can purchase any daily planner you want, and still use it in the same way as me. Like I said before, I don’t ALWAYS use this planner: only on the days I need to be extra organized and have a lot to do. For example, I would use this if I have classes, meetings, and lunch with a friend all on the same day. It helps me visualize when I am doing everything, while also seeing when/if I have any free time. I try to get a few hours of homework done every day, and I can plan that into my day with this planner.

As you can see in the picture, you start with the date at the top, and then there is a time table. I like to color-code everything but you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to! If you use color, you can see it a lot better and the contrast makes it easier to read. For this day, I had all my classes a different color, but in future spreads I ended up making each class the same color. This it made it a little less confusing.

If there is something within a half hour, I only color in half a box. For example, my online biology class started at 8:30, so I colored in half of the 8:00 box. Then, at the side, I have my main priorities or “primary focus”, which are larger things I have to get done or that I have scheduled. This would be a meeting with a teacher, a test, etc. I also write what classes I have there. Under the to-do box are smaller assignments like taking notes or doing bookwork. Non-school related tasks may be updating my blog, making my bed, etc. Lastly, there is room for a quote at the bottom. I love to add the same daily quote that I use for this website, but you can use this space to write any piece of information you need!

Assignment Planner

I write all my BIG assignments in my bullet journal, but all my assignments throughout the week go here. These are usually little homework assignments, like watching a video, doing online book work, or taking notes. When I have to study for an upcoming test, I put that here as well. I usually have a lot in this section because I have a lot of random assignments I do for each class.

You can use either a highlighter or different color pen to represent your classes. Or, you could use all the same color. The reason I highlight is so I know I have all five of my classes covered. I can clearly see there are five colors pertaining to the five classes. If I only wrote assignments down in one color, I would likely forget a class.

As soon as my class is over, I fill out this planner. So, if I have class on Monday from 9 to 10, I write everything I need to get done for the next class right at 10. If I have assignments that I need to start planning for the future, I write those here, as well as in my assignment bullet journal spread. I write all my assignments down until the day they are due. I may have something assigned on Monday that is due on Wednesday, so I write it in my to-do list on Monday and Tuesday. If I finish it on Monday, no worries, I just cross it off both days! Even if I think I will remember to do something, I always write it down here!

Happy Planner/Bullet Journal

This is the most creative of my planners, and I use it as a bullet journal and a normal planner. For the Happy Planner, you buy rings and a cover, and you can insert or take out pages as you like. The Happy Planner brand sells many different page inserts that you can put in here, from dot pages, to assignment trackers, to weekly layouts. I use the dot pages for my bullet journal, but the pages I am going to be focusing on today are from a weekly/monthly pack. It is a six month undated planner pack, and you can find it at Jo-Ann’s, Michaels, and most craft stores. I love these inserts because they are so customizable, and you can add any stickers you want to. I have so many packs of Happy Planner stickers, and there are so many to choose from! Here is a link to some sticker packs. My favorite is the 5 thousand pack rainbow that comes with all the stickers you may ever need! It is a little pricey, but Jo-Ann’s and Michael’s almost always have coupons on their websites. Sometimes Jo-Ann’s even takes 50 percent off their Happy Planner brand. To be honest, I don’t remember the last time I paid full price for any craft supplies, and you shouldn’t have to either!

Anyway, the first part is a monthly layout. I write any major assignments or life plans in this one. I took this picture before I made any plans for the month, so it’s pretty boring right now with only assignments. I love to add stickers as well, and I use the seasonal Happy Planner sticker pack for these monthly spreads! It has such cute Halloween (and every other holiday) themed stickers! The other part of this page is just the side, where you can add any notes about the month.

For the weekly pages, I plan out all my events for the upcoming week. I always do this on Sunday because this planner does the weeks Monday to Sunday. I don’t like to fill it out much in advance because I tend to have a lot of meetings I don’t know about until a week or so before. I write all my classes out for the week, even though they don’t change. I always write if they are in person or online because I have a lot of hybrid classes this semester. Then, I don’t have to check the syllabus every night before class to see if they are online or not: I have it conveniently written out in my planner. I also write all my meetings, or other plans for the week. For example, this week I had yoga at 7PM, so I wrote that down. I had tutoring on Wednesday and Friday, so I wrote that here (P.S. One time I didn’t check my planner and I totally forgot that I had a tutoring session. It was so embarrassing and I was so upset myself, but it taught me to actually read my planner!). My best suggestion is to look at this planner before you go to bed so you have an idea of what you have to do the next day, and then again when you wake up in the morning. If you do that, you are sure to remember all your plans!

In the days I don’t have a lot planned, I love to add cute stickers from any of my sticker packs (like the third row on Monday). Like I said before, if you don’t know where to start with stickers, I would just get the huge rainbow pack because it has all you will ever need. I am not the best with calligraphy, but I like to write down all my plans in some sort of fancy handwriting. If you are a master artist, your page will definitely look better than mine.

On the days I don’t have many classes, I like to get a lot of work done. For example, I wrote a to-do list on Tuesday. I still write down my to-do list in my assignment planner and my daily planner(if I use it that day), but I write down any big things I know I want to work on here.

This page should be your weekly overview, and you should be able to look at it daily to see what you have going on. If someone asks you to go to lunch one day, this is where you would look to see if you are free. Then, the days you do have a lot, you would go more in depth in the daily/hourly planner.

The Breakdown

Here is a consolidated version of everything I wrote above:)


  • Where to buy? Amazon
  • Purpose? On really busy days I use this planner to schedule out each hour. It helps me visualize everything I have to do, and plan in time to do homework.
  • When do I make it? The night before, only when I have a really busy day ahead.
  • What exactly is in it? Hourly schedule, daily priorities(classes, meetings, tests), daily to-do list(assignments, chores around the dorm, etc. This is usually the same as my assignment planner), and a quote for the day!


  • Where to buy? I actually got this for a Christmas gift, and it’s customized with my name. I believe it is from Etsy, but I am not sure what shop:/
  • Purpose? View all my assignments for the week, and what I need to get done that day. It makes sure I never forget an assignment!
  • When do I make it? As soon as I am done with class I write in all the assignments.
  • What exactly is it? A big list of all the small (and large) assignments I have to get done. I write a LOT in it with lots of detail. Instead of just writing Spanish, I would write read pages 1-5, do online book, vocab quizlet, etc.

Happy Planner

  • Where to buy? Any craft store. I bought the undated inserts at Jo-Ann’s.
  • Purpose? Show me a detailed overview of my week.
  • When do I make it? Sundays. I like to do it right before the week starts because I often don’t schedule meetings until a week or so prior. I make the monthly part right before the month starts.
  • What exactly is it? An overview of my weeks so I can see everything I have planned. Any tests or meetings, as well as my classes and whether they are online or in person. Also a way to be creative and use fun stickers! For the monthly part, just a big overview of the month!