Blog Stats Bullet Journal

Hi everyone! I know that many of you on here are fellow bloggers, so I wanted to share a couple “blogger” spreads with you. This first spread will help you keep track of who follows you on what, how many likes you received, etc. It is pretty simple but has a lot of information on it. My social media profiles are just WordPress, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and I like to keep track of those. I do have Pinterest included on here, but I don’t use it much… hopefully some day soon! The second spread tracks followers in a much simpler form, as well as takes a look at your goals and ideas for upcoming posts.

This is a six month spread that I started in September. You can really start it any month you want, or any time of the month because it is just based on weeks. If you began at week three in the month, you can just write that instead of starting at week one.

First of all, I wrote blog stats at the top of the page. Like I always say, feel free to make this as creative as you would like. Next, count how many boxes you have going down because this will show you how many weeks you can include. I had just the perfect amount of boxes to track six months. Next, I wrote each week in the sixth box from the left (I did this before the months because I wanted the months to be right in the middle, and some months have more weeks than others). I wrote the months to the left of the weeks. In September, the fifth week goes through to October. So, when I write the first week of October, it is actually the second week. You could write the dates down as well if this would make more sense. In hindsight, I probably should have done that.

I counted all my boxes horizontally and divided them up into each social media profile. Feel free to give each profile as many boxes as you want. For example, WordPress took more boxes than Twitter because I track more stats on WordPress. Next, start by writing whatever stats you want to track for each profile. I would recommend doing this in pencil first so you can make sure it is exactly the way you like. On the line below, write each social media profile. I also have a section for notes on the right, which you may or may not include depending on everything else you want to track.

This other spread looks at blog goals and ideas. It also tracks the followers, but a with a little bit less detail than the first spread. As you can see, it is for 12 months. So, start by dividing the page into four columns, each will be one month. Then you are going to make the boxes for each month. Each month I had was 6 boxes long: one box for the month, one box for the days of the month, and one box for each of the social media pages (if you have more than four social medias, you will want to add another row). At the top of the boxes, I wrote the month, and then made a line under the months. Then I wrote 15 and 30/31(whatever the last day of the month is), which are the days of the month that I am going to check each social media page. You can do anytime of the month you want, but my goal was to do halfway through and at the end. Finally I split each month into two columns. The two columns represent the 15th of the month and the 30th/31st of the month. I wrote in the names of each social media page I check for each month.

The next part of this page is goals: this can be anything from growing your follower count, posting more regularly, etc. Next to the each goal, I have an action plan and my “why” behind the goal. For the action plan, try to really break it down into manageable steps that will help you towards achieving your goal. The why should be meaningful not just something like “it will make my blog cooler.” Instead, write something like I want to blog more regularly so my followers can rely on a post from me every Monday and Thursday.

Lastly, I have an idea section! Here I have all sorts of ideas for upcoming posts.

I hope all you bloggers out there (and everyone else, of course) love these spreads. If you don’t have a blog, I would highly consider starting one! It’s so relaxing and can help you get all your thoughts out! If you try any of these spreads for your blog, let me know in the comments:)

As always,

with love,


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