November Spreads!

We made it to November! Woohoo! That means only one more month, and we have made it to December, AKA Christmastime!! My favorite time of the year! Did you all have a great Halloween? I sure hope so. I had an amazing time with my family at home, and we did lots of Halloween activities. Friday night I celebrated my dad’s birthday and Saturday night I had a little Halloween party with my boyfriend. Sunday I got to relax and make dinner. Sunday night is always a relaxing night in my house. My mom, boyfriend, and I sit down and watch a movie on Sundays (when I am home, of course) to mentally prepare for the week ahead. This weekend was no different:)

Well, it’s a new month and you all know what that means: new spreads!! Today, I am going to focus on the Happy Planner spreads that I use, which come straight from this planner pack! You can also buy it at Michaels and other craft stores! Be a smart shopper and go where there is a discount;)

Monthly dates, goals, etc.

November dates, goals, etc!

This spread is so amazing because you can write down everything about the month all in one place. First off, all the birthdays in your life. I usually keep birthdays on my phone, but transfer them to this spread as well. I put them on the other spread (the monthly overview) that I am sharing with you as well. Next up is monthly goals, which can be anything you want! Do you want to learn how to cook, do you want to make your bed every morning, do you want to work on not pressing snooze? No goal is too small! Then, it has an important dates section. Aside from birthdays, what else is coming up this month? For me, I include any tests I have, major assignments, dinner dates… anything that I know I should remember. I do not include weekly/daily events, such as tutoring every Thursday. Of course, there has to be a don’t forget section! If we’re being honest, sometimes I just use this space to doodle:) Last but not least is my favorite part, labeled “currently.” Here is where you get to list everything you are “currently” doing for the month, so feel free to be creative. If you can’t read the picture, it has everything from reading to watching to feeling. Of course, you may not be watching the same show all month, but this is just something fun to fill out at the beginning of the month to check in on yourself. If you keep these pages after the month is over, it’s a fun page to look back on and see what you were doing with your life at that specific month.

Monthly layout

This is just your basic overview of the month. I did post about this spread once before, in my “Using my Planners” post. This month is a bit more full because I have final exams at the end and a lot of other work to do. In the spread, I write down all my big events for the month, from birthdays to tests. I also try to make it colorful with lots of stickers. My favorite sticker pack to use for this spread is the Happy Planner seasonal pack. It has cute stickers for every time of the year!

I would recommend color-coding this spread(although I did a horrible job this month) according to each event. Maybe birthdays are pink, tests are yellow, and family events are blue. You can do this with colored pens or even highlighters! Just like the first spread from today, I don’t really put in all my daily/weekly commitments like classes and tutoring. Instead, I focus on the major dates I need to remember, including holidays and appointments. As soon as I schedule an appointment, I put it here! Then, I add it to my weekly spread when it comes time!

So, what are your big plans this month!? Let me know in the comments. Also, please reach out to me and let me know what type of spreads you want to see next month!

As always,

with love,


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