December Spreads

It’s that time again! The end of the month, which means the beginning of a new month, which means…wait for it…new bullet journal spreads! I usually wait until the month actually starts to post my spreads, but I really want you to have them this Monday, instead of next. That way you can get the spreads ready for the month a little early! I have done many monthly spreads in the past from habit trackers to goals to expenses. If you want to see some of these, take a look at these posts:

Now for this month’s spreads! These aren’t my typical “monthly” spread that you can use for any month. Instead, I have made spreads that just relate to the month of December and the season of giving. No matter what holiday you celebrate, you will be able to use these spreads to help buy gifts for everyone on your list! For the first spread, you can plan out what gifts you will be giving to each person. In my second spread, I have stocking stuffer ideas for all of you. The bottom of the spread includes a place for you to plan out your own stockings. Lastly, I have a spread to plan out gifts for people, how much they were, if you already bought them, etc. This is my favorite because I can track the prices of everything and make sure I am staying within budget. It also shows me if I already have everything, and what else I need to buy.

Gift Giving

This is a pretty simple spread but allows you to plan out exactly what you want to buy everyone. I started with the simple “Xmas Gifts 4 All” title. Of course you can change this to any holiday you are shopping for, and use any type of fancy calligraphy you can do. Next I planned out my boxes (I wanted six) for everyone on my list. I did combine some people that I will shop for together. If you have a lot more people on your list, you may want to do 8 or 10 boxes. Then, I made a little header for each of my boxes, three rows deep. I tried to make each box look like a present so I drew a bow in each of the headers, and a tag with the person’s name on it. I used the bow drawings below for inspiration. Finally, I just wrote presents for everyone inside of the “presents” (boxes). I took a picture of this spread before filling in the presents because a lot of people on my list read my blog (thank you for the support:)).

Stocking Stuffers

This spread is mostly just to give you some ideas for stockings stuffers for everyone and anyone. I started writing stocking stuffers at the top (in my best handwriting, but you can probably do better)! and drawing a stocking. I stuck to a pretty simple stocking drawing, but may I say I am pretty proud it? Then, I have lots of ideas for you guys to shop for anyone on your list! You’re welcome;). If you did want to recreate this spread, in the bottom I just wrote names of who I am buying stockings for. I simply wrote wrote name with a line under it. I am only making two stockings this year, so I did not have much to write. If you have to do stockings for an entire family, you could take up a whole page for this. Under the names, I have a section for the gifts and the prices. Finally, at the bottom is a total box so I can see exactly how much I spent.

Money Spread

Like I said before, I want to make sure I know just how much money I spend for Christmas. I love to go all out for Christmas, but I am still a young college student which is why I love budgeting spreads. I can track just how much I spent and how much more I would like to spend. I actually went and got most of my gifts this past weekend because there were Black Friday deals going on all weekend. Anyway, to make this spread you want to start out with a column for the name of the person you are giving it to. If you want to organize the spread even more, you could do one person for the first ten rows, the next person for the next few, etc. However, sometimes we add presents for people way later on, so if you just make a name column and write in names as you go, it may be easier. Next is the column for what the item is. You want to make it somewhat large in case you have a gift with a really long name ( I accidentally split the column in half.. don’t do that!). The next two columns are how much you wanted to spend, the “budget,” and then what you actually spent. Then you have boxes for bought and wrapped. After you have done these things, you just put a check mark in the boxes. This allows you to make the spread before you go shopping, then cross things off as you buy them. This year, you will probably do a lot of online shopping with COVID, so you could also add a column for “received.” This way you can track when the package has actually arrived at your house. Lastly, I just wrote a column for extra notes. Maybe you need something else for the gift, it will be here late, etc.

When you’re out there buying gifts for others, don’t forget to treat yourself a little bit as well! Have fun and be safe:)

As always,

with love,


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