The Background on my Blog

Good morning all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready for an amazing week ahead! Now that school is done, I have a lot more free time and a lot more time to blog. However, I have to come up with some new ideas besides the College with EmmaGrace miniseries. I have decided to pause the miniseries until class starts back up again in January. I like to do the posts based on what is happening in school, which is difficult when you aren’t in school! So, if you have anything you want me to talk about, please let me know in the comments! With that being said, I wanted to take today to talk to you about why I started this blog, and what I hope to do with it in the future.

When did I start the blog?

I bought the website domain in January 2020. In December 2019, I started to use a free Google website builder but upgraded to this WordPress site about a month later. I wanted to really take off with my site, and I needed more customization than with Google Sites. However, if you ever want something free and easy to use, Google Sites is a great place to start.

(PS: we are coming up on the one year anniversary of this site!!)

Why did I decide to start the blog?

In the beginning, the blog was just a way for me to express my creativity. I did not mean for many people to read it (but I hoped that one day it would grow a lot) but instead just blogged for something to do. I love to bullet journal, so why not combine it with my other love of blogging? The entire blog was supposed to be dedicated to my bullet journals and the different spreads I made. In order to spice things up, I added the daily quotes (which I will talk about in the next question). I also hoped that people would be able to look at my posts and be inspired to start their own bullet journals.

Why do you do the daily quotes?

I started doing the daily quotes as a way to give inspiration to everyone reading my blog. With the quotes, you can log on to the blog daily and just have a little happiness to start your day. The quotes come from a quote book that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas last year. I’ll have to admit that I do forget to update sometimes, so I am very sorry about that! Anyway, I think the quotes are a great addition to the normal blog posts and and something I hope you all look forward to reading. If you cannot make it to the blog to read them daily, I also keep a log of all the quotes from each month. You can look up each month in the search bar, find each month under “Quotes from the Year” in the homepage header, or I have linked the December quotes here! Hopefully my boyfriend gives me another quote book for Christmas this year and I can continue to do daily quotes (hint hint;)).

How has the content evolved?

In the beginning, I was only writing about my bullet journal and posting daily quotes. I posted every couple of weeks and it was very inconsistent (besides the quotes, which have always been once a day). I just posted my bullet journal spreads whenever I got them done, or shared other posts if I had something really important to say. Over quarantine and the summer, I didn’t blog much but decided to get back into it when I went to school in the fall. In August, I decided to start my College with EmmaGrace miniseries as well as post twice a week. I wanted to really start diving into the blog and growing my influence. Each week, I usually posted once about the miniseries and once about something else, such as my life or my bullet journal spreads. In October, I decided to start posting only once a week so I could focus on bettering the content. Most of the time, I did posts for the miniseries. Now we get to the present. I still post once a week, and I usually post about anything and everything. I decided to pause on the miniseries until I go back to school. Also, at the beginning of each month, I post monthly spreads. Throughout the month I post a conglomeration of many different things. Also, I hope to start sharing my weekly spreads more in the future. Maybe do those twice a month? Let me know what you guys think by giving me an email or commenting below!

What would I suggest for others wanting to start a blog?

Do it! I started this blog with absolutely no experience and you do not need it. Whether you want to do a personal blog or share it with the world, it is a great way to express your thoughts while improving your writing skills. You can literally talk about anything you want! There are so many types of blogs out there and I know there is something for everyone. If you want to talk about really personal information like a journal, you could just make the blog for yourself. Or, if you want to write book reviews or talk about your experiences or anything in between, you can blog for the world! You will start off with a really small following, but make social media accounts to promote yourself. Let people know when you are going to post and get your voice heard. I would even send a message to your friends and family that you are planning on starting a blog and would love their support. Unless you dont want anyone you actually know to read your blog, which is that case for some. If that is you, no worries! You can start following and connecting with other blogs you like, and chances are they will connect with you as well. Also, promote yourself whenever and wherever you can!

What is your hope for the future of the blog?

Honestly, I really just want to reach and inspire more people. It would be amazing if thousands of people could read my blog and be inspired to start a bullet journal, a blog, or anything in between. Even though I do a lot more than bullet journaling now, that is still where I started, and would love if all my followers began their own! I love to bullet journal because it organizes my life as well as lets me be so creative. If bullet journaling is not your thing, I just hope to inspire you to be creative in any way possible. Furthermore, I plan to continue the miniseries once school starts back up and hopefully help some other students out there! One day, I would love to make a little money off of my blog but that is pretty low on my priority list. I blog because I love it and want to reach many people, so money doesn’t have a very big influence on me:)

Thank you all for reading this post. If you have any questions about my blog, always feel free to ask. Or, if you have any suggestions for the future of the blog, please let me know. I am always up for advice! Have a wonderful rest of your week!

As always,

with love,


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