Valentine’s Day Ideas

Welcome back!! This is my 51st post on Life With EG and I am so excited! It has been a little over a year but I feel like it has been way more. This blog has grown so much over the year and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing followers! I may not have a TON of followers, but I am thankful for all of you! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store, and I am so excited to get to my 100th post:)

Since I’m not doing the monthly spreads this month, I figured I would post something for the next holiday… Valentine’s Day! First of all, I want to talk about Valentine’s Day and what it means. A lot of people don’t like it because they believe Valentine’s Day is just a holiday for couples, so if they are not in a relationship, they’re the odd ones out! However, I totally disagree. Valentine’s Day is really just a day to show people you love them. Reach out to your parents, neighbors, siblings, second cousins, whoever you want! Make sure everyone you love feels loved! So, if Vaneltine’s Day is a hard day for you, I get it. Just remember that it doesn’t have to be what everyone thinks! Today I have prepared a few ideas for Valentine’s dates and gifts for anyone you would like!

“Date” Ideas (covid safe)

  1. Cake (or other dessert) bake-off: Choose your preferred dessert and get to baking! Find a way to score this. I would use taste, presentation, and creativity. If you have someone else with you, they could be the judge. Otherwise, try to be unbiased and judge your own.
  2. Go out and explore: pick five different locations in your city that you want to explore. This doesn’t have to mean going into any buildings, shops, or restaurants. Instead, visit the local parks, a new road, etc. Write down your favorite thing about each location. Make sure to take pictures along the way!
  3. Do some crafts: each person pick out one craft you want to do and just start creating. This can be a DIY house item or just something fun!
  4. Make a bucket list: first, get some take out or make a nice dinner! Then, you can make a bucket list together. Make your own or make a bucket list for your relationship. Do you want to go to visit every state together, or watch every Harry Potter movie??
  5. Make a new dinner: this is always a fun one because I like to stick to my normal, so it gets me out of my comfort zone. Instead of the same food you always make, find a crazy recipe and try to recreate it. If you want to make it extra fun, find a dish and try to make it without looking at the recipe. Get all the ingredients you think you need and just start to experiment. Extra points for a great presentation!
  6. Go for a walk or a hike: even when it isn’t a planned “date”, this is one of my favorite activities. You can go for a walk around your neighborhood and try to find out more about your date! Maybe come up with a list of questions before you go and try to ask all of them before the end of the walk. Or, if you live somewhere you can hike, that’s always a great idea! After some exercise, I am sure you will be hungry, so go grab some food!

DIY gift ideas for family

  1. Spotify glass: I made this for my boyfriend for Christmas and it is sooo cute. You can choose your own song and picture to create an album frame. Below, I will mention a website you can order them from, but you make make these really cheap at home and it’s much more fun! Find the DIY recipe here!
  2. Messages in a bottle: grab a mason jar and a few pieces of colored paper. Cut the paper into strips of about 4 inches by 1/2 inch. Then, write all the reasons you love someone on the pieces of paper. Roll the pieces of paper up and p0ut them in the mason jar. Make a little sign for the outside that says “all the reasons I love you.” You can fill the mason jar up as much as you would life!
  3. Date ideas jar: this is pretty similar to the messages in a bottle. You can also start with a mason jar and lots of different colored paper. For this, I would actually make each color of paper a different theme. You can make a legend on the outside of the jar for dates that are at home, out and about, cost no money, etc. Then, put each date idea on the corresponding color of paper. Again, this does not have to be for a boyfriend or girlfriend. You can come up with date ideas for anyone special in your life.
  4. Acrylic coaster: I haven’t actually made these before but I found them here and they are so cute! You can literally make anything you want by pouring the paint in so many different patterns. Plus, no two coasters will ever look the same. I did make something like this just on a canvas before, and it is super simple, but so unique!
  5. String art: you can make this Valentine’s themed by writing the word love or making a heart. Or, you can use any word/symbol you want for the string art. I have a few hanging up in my room that I made in middle school, and I still love them. All you have to do is find a nice piece of wood you want to do the art on, nail in your shape you want to make, then wrap the string around the nails in a crazy pattern! It’s pretty hard to mess up, which I appreciate. See a full overview here!

Bought gift ideas

  1. Shopify glass night light: this cute gift idea is amazing for anyone who loves music. It comes with a picture of you for the album cover and the rest looks just like your phone when you are playing music. Pick out any song that represents your relationship! When you scan with you phone, it can open up the song on Spotify! You can also make these yourself, as I mentioned above.
  2. Personalized journal: do you have someone you know who loves to write? This is the perfect Valentine’s gift for them! You can customize the front and the back of the notebook with their name or anything you want. It even comes with lined, blank, or bulleted paper! It would make an awesome bullet journal as well!
  3. Customizable mug: Shutterfly has amazing options to customize just about anything! I chose to feature their mug because it is a great gift for everyone…everyone drinks! It can be a water mug, a coffee mug, or an everything in between mug! Maybe they could even use it to hold pencils! You can put pictures and an initial on this mug! Customize it with pictures of the two of you, their family, or anything else!
  4. Heated blanket: who doesn’t love to be warm!? A heated blanket is a great gift for anyone who loves to get cozy! There are so many heated blankets out there, but this Sunbeam one is Amazon’s choice and it’s a great, affordable option. It has three heat settings and it’s reversible.
  5. Mini waffle maker: waffles are amazing, but they’re even better when they’re mini! Isn’t everything better when it’s mini?? These have been all over the internet recently, from making waffles to warming up cookies? I have seem people cook some pretty crazy things in their mini waffle makers. Give this as a gift and have them explore their food creativity!

I hope this helps as you do some last minute shopping/crafting for Valentine’s Day! Have an amazing rest of the week!

As always,

with love,


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