College with EG: Part 13

Planner updates

Hello all! First of all, sorry for the late post! I have not been on top of it with the blog recently, but I trying to work on it a little bit everyday:(

Today is a mix of both my college miniseries and a normal bullet journal post. I decided to post it as part of the miniseries because most of my planner is related to college activities. Also, I want to start by saying I took a lot of time off from doing my weekly spreads during the holidays. I use the Happy Planner pages, and you can date them at the top. I didn’t want to waste paper and have been using past pages (you will see how it says Monday is the 11th and 18th. That is from January). So, you will see the wrong number above each day. I am almost done with my old pages so I will be able to get a new pack and line up my dates pretty soon. Anyway, I would like to start posting my weekly pages every couple of weeks. I think this will hold me accountable. Sometimes I just get too lazy (as in the entire month of December), and if I posted them on here I would feel more obligated to make them.

I have posted two weeks of my bullet journal. The first post is for the week of February 8-14, and the second post is for the week of February 15-21. I did both of these Sunday, the 7th. I always fill out the entire week ahead, and then I start the week after. So the 7th I finished the week of the 8th, and started the week of the 15th. The 14th, I finished the week of the 15th and started the week of the 22nd. I do this because I usually have a pretty good idea of what is going on in the second week, so I start to write it down. However, I do not fill in all of the the second week because I know there will be a lot more to add. As you can see, I have written down assignments that I know will be do or test I know I will have. I did not write down my work schedule, for example, because I did not have it in the 7th. However, the first week (the week of the 8th) is very very full! I usually leave a couple boxes open in case something pops up. That’s about all there is to it!

As always,

with love,


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