College Life with EG: Part 14B

School Supplies Part 2

Happy Monday everyone! Today is a great day and a great start to an amazing week. I am so convinced that if you start your Monday off right you will have a better rest of the week. Now, I write my posts a couple days before they actually go out, so right now it is not actually Monday for me… but I am getting myself prepared to have an amazing week! This week I want to continue writing in my bullet journal daily! How are you all doing? Did you do last week’s spreads, and have you done the drawing challenge? Mine is turning out nicely this first week;)

Anyway, sorry to keep you waiting on the rest of the school supplies blog, but I really wanted to get those March spreads out to you last week. If you remember from the first post, I ended talking about the different types of supplies you need based on how prepared you want to be (if you haven’t read that post, here is the link!!) I was talking about the supplies you need to be “extra” prepared. After I explain that, I will tell you the best supplies I get to stay within budget! Also, some of the supplies I have linked on Amazon because that is the most convenient way to shop right now, but you can find all of it at Walmart (as you can see, there are a few things I only found at Walmart, not Amazon). That is where I always do my shopping at the beginning of the year!


  • Lots of pens, pencils, and highlighters: I would keep a couple of cheap pencils with you and then one or two of the the nicer ones (I will explain these below). In my opinion, the more pencils the better because they get lost so, so easily. You want to have as many pens as you think you need to take really good notes. As extra as I am, I usually have about 10-15 (this may be a LITTLE overboard). As for highlighters, I would say about three. I usually use pens to underline and show important parts of my notes, but it’s nice to have a few basic colored highlighters as well.
  • Pencil case: you can get a basic pencil case from Walmart or Meijer, but if you have a ton of stuff, I would recommend a makeup brush bag! They have so many fun patterns and hold way more!!
  • Notebooks: again, this is up to you on how many notebooks you want. If you want each class to have their own notebook, that works. Otherwise, you can get multiple subjects and your classes can all share a notebook. I mentioned in my last post that I like all the classes to have their own notebook, then I just reuse them the next year (after ripping out the old pages).
  • Folders: one folder for every class to hold all the extra papers. I recommend binders as well, so if you purchase the folders with the 3 holes to fit in a binder, those are the best. I will link my favorites below!
  • Binders: this is the part that is very different form the “minimalist” and the “average.” I keep a binder AND a folder. I organize most of my papers in the binder, but sometimes I put things in the folder for two reasons. The first is if I do not have my three hole punch and need to keep a paper safe. Usually teachers just give you papers that haven’t been punched, so you can keep these in your folders temporarily. The second reason is if I want to make space in my backpack. Sometimes I only need a couple papers for a class, so I transfer them to my folder instead of bringing the whole binder.
  • Three hole pinch: in case your teachers do not hole punch papers, or if you have to print things out at home, you will need a three hole punch to put the papers into your binders.
  • Binder dividers: you will want to make sure your binder is organized so you can find everything you need quickly. You can organize your tabs in any way you see fit, but here are a few of the categories I organize by:
    • Chapters: chapter 1 material, chapter 2 material, etc.
    • Notes, study guides, assignments, quizzes (these are all individual tabs)
    • Topics: similar to chapters, but maybe your class has topics that pertain to a few chapters, and you want all of that together
    • Date: you can organize material by the month
  • Calculator: if you have a math class
  • Sticky notes: I love using the bookmark sticky notes to keep track of important parts of a textbook, pages in my books, etc. I also use regular sticky notes to make extra notes on my papers when I run out of room.
  • There are some essential items for certain classes, such as rulers or protractors. If you know you will need that stuff, I would recommend one of the kits with all of those supplies. Otherwise, you can wait until class starts to confirm what you need.

My Favorite Supplies!



  • PaperMate Clearpoint pencils (the “nice” ones): I literally did a sales presentation on these sophomore year of high school… they are amazing!! Worth the money until you lose them;)
  • BIC mechanical pencils (the “cheap” ones): these pencils are great to carry around because they are cheap but still great quality. If someone asks to borrow a pencil, you can give them these instead of your nice ones!



  • Five Star 2 pocket Stay-Put Folder: this is the BEST. First of all, this folder is plastic, which I need because I tend to spill everything. It also has the hole punches so they can fit right into your binder. The insides have tabs at the top so paper cannot fall out if you tip it upside down and there is a little pocket for index cards on the inside. I can’t say enough great things about this folder!


  • I have a few favorite notebooks, but the Exceed ones can only be found at Walmart. I love the Five Start brand, but the Exceed are a little bit cheaper.

Sticky Notes

I usually stick with the Post-It note brand because they have the best stick to them. I know I can take them on and off the paper a few times and they will still work perfectly. I have linked the 3×3 ones that I use to add notes onto my paper and the bookmark ones that I use to put tabs in my textbooks.

Pencil Case

I love to use the Vera Bradley makeup bags for my pencils and pens! There are so many compartments to fit everything you need, including a calculator! Unfortunately, my favorite one has been discontinued, but I still linked a couple ones I like below.


I love the Exceed binders! They are a little on the pricey side, but still less than the on brand (Avery and Five Star). They are plastic with a plastic cover so you can decorate a piece of paper however you please for the cover. They also have the D ring so nothing every falls out.

Three Hole Punch

I found an amazing three hole punch at Walmart, and I have had it for a few years. It still works great!

Binder dividers

You can really go with any dividers, but I love the ones with little tabs that slide in and out, rather than the stickers. These are amazing because you can change the tab when the class is over, and you want to use the binder for something else.


For what you need in a calculator, it really depends on the class. You can get one that only does the basic operations if the works for you. However, you may want to upgrade once you get to the higher level math classes. I love the TI-84! It is great and worth the extra money if you have harder classes. Plus, you can take it to the SAT and most standardized tests, which I think that will be much more useful than a basic calculator. I linked the mint one on Amazon, but they have SOO many colors to choose from!

Thank you all for reading the post today, and I hope this can help you out! Have a great week!~

As always,

with love,


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