10 Things That Make Me Happy

I often like to sit back and think about the simple things in life that make me happy. There are so many crazy things happening in life, and it’s important to slow down and do little actions that make you happy. It doesn’t need to be a vacation across the country or an extravagant meal; it can be as simple as looking out the window. For all of us, there are small things that occur DAILY that just make us happy. Today, I will share a few of mine with you all. As always, feel free to comment below! Let me know what makes you happy and if you connect with any of these!

1. My cat watching birds out the window

Some people love to watch and listen to the birds when the springtime comes. Instead, I love watching my cat watch and listen because he gets excited about something so simple. He sits on the windowsill and bats at the window wishing he just play with one. I love how happy he is (and yes, I am a bit obsessed with my cat, it makes me so happy. Lucky for me, he does this almost everyday… I love the consistency too. Every morning, I can count on Cooper to get on the windowsill and watch the birds. That means I can count on a bit of happiness every morning.

2. Lattes

I never liked any sort of coffee until about a year or two ago. I started to drink caramel lattes at work, with double the normal amount of syrup. Then, I began to work down to less and less syrup and now I can drink just a plain latte. I still love flavored ones the most though:). Each morning, I know I can get up and have a latte. I bought an espresso machine from my coworker and use it almost daily. My lattes are warm and cozy, and they just bring a bit of peace into my heart. To be honest, I don’t even like them for the caffeine. I really don’t even feel like they wake me up, I just love the taste and the consistency (again! Consistency should have been one of the things on this list).

3. Walks

My boyfriend and I love to go for walks, especially when the weather is getting nicer and the sun is up past 5PM. It’s the perfect way to get some fresh air and clear your head. Especially when you’re tired and don’t feel like going for a run or going to the gym, a walk is a great compromise that gets you active (and outside usually). I will walk on the treadmill, but it is not nearly as exciting as going outside. The nature around is so beautiful and I just love to take it all in. Plus, there are a ton of beautiful walking trails where I live, so I can explore these as well as my neighborhood.

4. Bullet Journaling (Journaling)

I guess this is an obvious one, but I love to bullet journal as a way to get my mind relaxed. While I do it for the blog, I mostly just do it for myself. Planning out my life and getting organized just brings me so much pleasure. When I bullet journal, I feel like I can get my creativity all out onto paper, and in the end, I have my life planned out. Also, it lets me work on my calligraphy, which is something I have always wanted to be good at. Along with doing my bullet journal, I also have a plain lined journal-to track my thoughts-and a prompted journal, which is one of my FAVORITE things. A few of the prompts include a map where you draw in ten places you want to visit, a page where you write your fears and scribble on them until they are gone, etc. If you would like to purchase that journal, you can get it from Amazon here!!

5. Blogging

This is another obvious one, but I thought I’d put it on here. I am happy to blog for two reasons: for myself, and to inspire all of you. For starters, when I am blogging, I get to have fun and share my unique ideas. I love to write, but I never liked formal writing in school. This gives me an area to write about anything and everything I want, and work on my writing skills for school in the process. This doesn’t feel like a chore like writing in school does. Plus, every week I look forward to brainstorming a new topic and writing about it. Sometimes it’s the bullet journal, sometimes it’s tips about school, and sometimes it’s just about the most random things! Whatever it is, I love it.

Second, I love to inspire all of you who read this. Whether I am giving useful school tips, helping you make new bullet journal spreads, or you just enjoy reading my page, that makes me SO happy. I can reach so many people from something so simple as writing a blog. So thank you again for reading my posts because that truly does make me smile.

6. Reading a Good Book

I have found that reading is a great thing to do before you go to bed. It allows you to slow yourself down before sleep. I also found that reading outside on a sunny day is amazing, and so is cozying up to the fire with a good book in the winter. No matter when or where it is, I love reading a good book. I am currently reading City of Joy by Dominique Lapierre and Paper Towns by John Green. What is next up on your reading list?

7. Turning off the light at night

Turning off my lamp at night is just a satisfying end to the day. Usually I sit in bed and read, blog, or bullet journal before bed. Obviously, I keep the lamp on to do this. When I am all ready for bed. I lay on my pillow, reach up, and turn off the lamp. It makes a satisfying click and the room goes dark. Then, I go to bed. I can’t explain why this is so amazing to me but something about the click of the light then the presence of a dark room is just peaceful and a good end to the day. Again, it is a constant in my life. Every night, I turn off the lamp and go to sleep, and I love being able to do that.

8. Staring into space

Do you ever find yourself just staring at nothing at all for a few minutes before you come back to reality? I do it all the time. Even at work with customers, sometimes I find myself looking at nothing. Then, I have to apologize for accidentally ignoring them and they think I’m goofy. Maybe I should try to focus a bit more at work, but either way, it brings me happiness. When I am in the middle of a hard test, I just look at nothing for a minute or two and I am good to go again. Maybe I look silly doing it, but who cares?

9. Math Homework

Ok, I am sure most of you can’t relate to this one. You probably related to some of the other ones (maybe not the light at night one, but one of them FOR SURE. Going for a walk?), but this one may be a little weird. Probably an education major thing, lol. Anyway, right now I am in an education math class, which basically teaches you how to teach children math. At the beginning of the semester, the teacher said, “prepare yourself because the class itself will be a lot of work and you will have quite a bit of homework.” I was never once worried. At the end of every class, I get my homework and I am so excited to do it. I do it before all my other homework (which is not as exciting) because I can’t wait to get it done. The thing is, it’s not even easy. You would think it would be easy because it is just how to teach elementary kids, but it is teaching me how to look at the math from all angles. I love that! It really makes me think.

10. Watching Tik Tok

Yep. It is a guilty pleasure of mine. I can get glued to Tik Tok for hours on end. I tell myself I am going to watch three videos, and 1,000 videos later I come out of my slump and realize it’s time to get stuff done. Maybe you have the same problem with binge-worthy TV or YouTube videos!

PS. These are in no particular order. They all make me so so happy! I hope you can connect with some of them, but maybe not others! And, that’s okay. Anything that makes you happy is worth doing. Let me know what your favorite things in life are below! 🙂

As always,

with love,


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