Animal Crossing

Let me start with this; did I buy a Nintendo Switch for the sole purpose of playing Animal Crossing? Yes. But do I love it? Yes, and am happy with the decision.

Now that I got that out of the way, here we go with the real post. I guess I wanted to “switch” things up today and just talk about the video game I seem to have fallen in love with. I know it is nothing like the normal school or bullet journal posts, but it IS related to my life. And, this blog is called Life with EG, right? I hope a little change in topic doesn’t disappoint you because I am really excited for this post… I could probably go on way more than I need to but I will keep it to a normal post length…hopefully you can make it though it 🙂

How did I even get into Animal Crossing?

That’s the real question. I only started playing Animal Crossing a little bit ago on my friend’s Switch. I really wanted to try it because everyone was talking about it at work, and I had heard about it all over. I thought, “$60 for one video game seemed kind of ridiculous, so it better be really amazing.” Well let me tell you, it was. So, I decided to go out and buy my own Switch, knowing I could not live without it for very long. I didn’t buy just any Switch though… I got the the Animal Crossing edition (I will include a photo). This one has pastel green and blue JoyCons instead of the normal red and blue. The charging dock is Animal Crossing themed, and the back of the console is engraved with adorable Animal Crossing related decorations. All around, the Animal Crossing Switch is just cuter and better. Plus, if I buy the Switch mainly for that game, I better have that edition. Before I bought it, I debated back and forth on whether or not to buy my own, but I decided to go for it and treat myself. I am sure glad I did.

What even IS Animal Crossing?

Animal crossing is a simulation game where you have your own island and you basically just get to create and explore. You start off in a little tent and have to pay off the fees in “miles”. You can get miles for doing things such as talking to neighbors, selling fish, and building items. Once you pay off the tent, you can get a house. You pay off the house with Bells, which are just the in game currency. You can get bells by selling items, and you can sell basically anything. You progress through the game by upgrading buildings, making a museum, inviting more villagers, etc. It is based in real time and where you are in the world. So, when it says something will be done tomorrow, it is really done tomorrow. If it is 7PM, the sun will start to set, and if it is snowy where you live, it will be snowy there too. Now, it isn’t precise enough to know EXACTLY where you live, but it is based off of what is happening in North America, or other regions.


In the beginning of the game, there is always a lot to do. As you progress on, there is less that you really HAVE to accomplish. Instead, you are working on expanding the island by upgrading your home, inviting residents to the island, and creating the landscape. I will explain what I have done so far…

  • Upgraded my tent to a house; I payed off my first expenses and am working on expanding my house with more rooms.
  • Opened the museum; you have to collect donations for Blathers (an owl character) to open a museum. The donations can be anything from bugs to butterflies to fish. You have to bring a certain amount to Tom Nook before Blathers comes. Once Blathers is there (he runs the museum), you give him enough donations to start the museum. He can also assess fossils, which go in the museum and are worth a lot of Bells if you sell them.
  • Nook’s Cranny: when you start off the game, you sell things to Timmy and Tommy to get Bells. They are just located in the Resident Services tent. However, Timmy will ask you to collect wood, hardwood, softwood, and iron nuggets in order to upgrade to the Nook’s Cranny shop. Once you have all the donations for him, the shop will upgrade and get its own building.
  • Moved in three new villagers; once you upgrade to get Nook’s Cranny, Tom Nook will ask you to make a handful of items for three villagers. You have to craft 3 exterior items and 3 interior items for each house. Once you crafted all these and have given them to their correct houses, the villagers will move in.
  • Upgraded the Resident Services building: the building comes after the houses are all up. At this point, I am able to change the landscape by adding ramps, bridges, etc. However, they are all quite pricey.
  • Built my campsite: I just built the campsite yesterday, so I am still waiting to see what fun adventures that brings me!

Who would I recommend Animal Crossing to?

Honestly, just about anyone. Animal Crossing is a great, relaxing game for all ages. It is easy to understand and follow along with the story for younger kids, but also a way to take your mind off things as an adult. I don’t think you can get too old for Animal Crossing. Unlike other video games there is no real competition or struggle in the game. You just go day by day and try to expand your island. No time limit, nothing! That’s what I love about it.. because I suck at almost every other video games. PVP? Not my thing. Racing games? Nope. Relaxing and just having fun? There you go, perfect!

Thank you again for reading, and I hope you enjoyed a little change in content. Let me know if you have any questions 🙂 Or, maybe if you buy yourself the game!!

As always,

with love,


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