The Long Awaited Bullet Journal Pages…

Happy Monday and welcome back from a great weekend! Unfortunately, it rained all day on Saturday and I had to work all day on Sunday, so I didn’t get to go outside much. As you know, that is one of my favorite things to do:) What did you guys do this weekend?

From reading the title you know this is a long awaited post. So, as you have seen in my other bullet journal posts (like last week’s), I have been using old weekly pages. I took a break from doing my bullet journal and have been using the pages from December so I don’t have to waste paper. Well, last week I used up all of the old pages, which meant a trip to Hobby Lobby. And let me tell you, a trip to Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite things ever. I convinced my boyfriend to take me, which I am sure he loves. A trip to Hobby Lobby could be an entire day event, so I know how excited he gets to go with me. Anyway, we went there to get new bullet journal pages, but I ended up getting a few other things. I was watching a video on TikTok about DIY clay earings, and I decided I want to try those too (future blog post to come on the outcome of my earrings). After I spent awhile deciding which clay to buy, I got to go to the bullet journal section. I wanted monthly/weekly page, and I normally get the same 6-month pack every time. Here is the link on Amazon if you want to check it out. However, I decided to try out a new pack because they were out of my normal one. It still six months, so I hope I like it! I’ll show you guys what it’s about:)

What is the Happy Planner?

If you are new to my blog, you may be asking yourself, what even is the Happy Planner? What is she talking about? If you are not familiar with The Happy Planner journal, it is a type of planner/bullet journal/notebook that you can take the pages in and out of. You buy rings and two cover pages, then fill the inside with whatever type of pages you want. The pages connect to the rings to make it just like a regular notebook. But, when you are done, you can take the pages out without ripping them or leaving anything behind. They also have dated planner that are already made if you do not want to put all the pages in. There are many different packs of papers to fill the journal with, but here are a few: undated calendar packs (many types), budget brackets, normal lined pages, dot pages, and many, many more. In the past, I have always bought a certain type of undated calendar pack to make my own planner, but I am trying out something new.

I will also leave a link for the rings and cover pages if you are just starting you Happy Planner journey.

  • Rings: there are so many colors and sizes depending on how many pages you want to fit in your journal, but here are some classic, medium size rose gold ones.
  • Cover pages: these are the DIY cover pages that I have. They snap right onto the rings, but you get to design your own page. They have little pockets that you slip paper into so you can design your paper and put it in the pocket.

What is THIS planner pack??

This is the undated wellness calendar extension pack from The Happy Planner. It is a six month long planner that you get to fill in. It comes with undated monthly and weekly pages, monthly dividers, and a few “wellness” prompt pages. There are 466 pages in total!! Now, I will break down all of the pages to give you a better idea of what I got.

The unopened pack:)


It comes with 7 dividers, one for each month (it is a six month extension pack) and one extra to separate the wellness pages. Each divider has a tab on it that you can put a sticker on to show what month it is. The dividers are much heavier paper which I like because it makes them stick out better. Each one has a quote relating to wellness, and here are the 7 quotes:

  • Feed your soul
  • let yourself rest (I really need this one lol)
  • Choose where your energy goes
  • Great thoughts come from the heart
  • you are enough
  • Relax
  • Live Well

Here are some pictures of each divider, if you’re curious!!

Wellness Page #1: Taking Care of Yourself

This page is like a bucket list for taking care of yourself. It has 20 unique ideas for ways to relax and do good for you. By the time I have filled out this entire planner pack, I hope to have done everything on the list! I try to so some self care acts everyday, but as I am sure you all understand, I forget sometimes! Recently, I have been playing Animal Crossing (as you all know) and that is a great way for me to relax and just spend some time with myself!

Wellness Page #2: Center Your Soul

This page is dedicated to how you find time to take care of yourself. Instead of giving you ideas about self care, it asks you three ways you take care of yourself. Then, you fill out why they are calming or relaxing to you, how you can make time to do them, and what time of day is the most beneficial. I will give an example of one of mine and maybe you guys can try to think of one for the comments!

  • Self Care Activity: journal for 5-10 minutes a day
  • Why it is relaxing: I can get all my thoughts out onto paper whether they be good or bad
  • How will I make time to do this? I will go to bed five minutes early each night to journal
  • What time of day is the most beneficial to me? Right before I go to bed because I get out any negative energy from the day and can go to bed feeling refreshed

Wellness Page #3: All the things

This page has you looking deep into your soul and finding different things that light up your life. There are 6 prompts to write about, and I think I will try to write one a day instead of filling it all out at one time. Here are the prompts:

  • Simple things that bring me joy
  • What rejuvenates me
  • What matters in my home life
  • What matters in my work life
  • How I practice compassion
  • What I love about myself

Wellness Page #4

Just a simple note to yourself. It is on dot paper, which is so much more appealing to me than lined paper. I can’t wait to write something to myself and read it when I am done with the pack in 6 months.

Monthly Spread

There are six monthly layouts that come in this pack, each with its own color. As you can see in the picture below, this one is accented in purple, but the others are blue, green. etc. They come without any days or anything on them, so you can customize as you please. I usually like to fill out all six months when I first get the pack so I can always be ready to plan ahead. As the months come, I can add more and more to each spread. I attached a before and after for you guys; before is how they came and the after is when I put the date and month stickers on (the stickers come with the pack). On the left side, it says “My Happy List” for a complete list of things that make you happy! I have not filled anything else in yet though!!


Monthly Prompt

There are six monthly prompt pages, one for each month. They have three goals for you to fill out for the month, and a little section to write about what is inspiring you. At the bottom, you have three strength prompts, where you fill out how you are strengthening your mind, body, and soul for the month!!

Weekly Page

This might be my favorite part!! With my old planner pages, they only had the days of the week with three empty boxes each, and the side was just lined for notes. In this, you get a focus for the week on the left side, which lets you fill out the days you exercised, how you spent time unplugged, and five mini prompts. The mini prompts are: a positive word, what you are reading, listening to, feeling, and watching. Then, each day comes with its own prompt at the bottom as well. Here are each of those prompts:

  • Monday: reflection
  • Tuesday: today was
  • Wednesday: thankful for
  • Thursday: focusing on
  • Friday: looking inward
  • Saturday: daily gratitude
  • Sunday: joy of today

That’s all for this post! I can’t wait to start using my new weekly pages this week! I will keep you all updated on how I like it, thanks for reading!

As always,

with love,