Clay Earrings

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I am super excited to share some exciting news with you! It may be a bit of a shorter blog, but it is not any less exciting than any of the others! Are you ready for it!?


Here it is: I am making clay earrings and selling them on Etsy!!

The link is @ClayWithEG

Remember how I mentioned a few weeks ago that I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a bunch of clay to make jewelry with. I was inspired by a TikTok and just had to try it out myself. Well, I sure did. For the past few weeks I have been working really hard on perfecting my earring making skills. Of course, I would not say everything I make is perfect, nor will it ever be. But that is the beauty of homemade things! They are unique and special and they don’t all have to look identical because they have character! Anyway… I am selling them on Etsy and here is the link one more time!

As you know, my website is called Life with EG, for my name, EmmaGrace. I have decided to keep that like my “branding.” For example, my college posts are College “Life with EG.” So, my shop name is ClayWithEG:) All my earrings are made with polymer clay and hypoallergenic ear wires. I only have a couple sales out right now but I am working on more, and more colors are coming as well. Thank you all for your support!! Below I have a few pictures of some I am selling right now, so feel free to have a look. I cannot wait to have you here for my new journey:) I may even post a blog spread on the making of the earrings some time in the future!

As always,

with love,