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The Power of Simplicity

So… you may be wondering what in the world I mean by the title. Well, let me tell you. Sometimes simple things can be just so amazing. Here’s an example: notecards. Yesterday, I had a ton of stuff on my mind and a lot of things I wanted to get done. Nothing major, but little things for each class, like finishing part of an essay or up chapter notes. When everything is swimming in my mind, I have absolutely NO ability to focus. So, I grabbed a notecard and just made a simple to do list. Nothing fancy, just a bulleted list of all the things I wanted to get done. It helped me SOOO much, and I was able to get everything done:)… the power of simplicity = the greatness of a notecard. That’s all.

As always,

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March Bullet Journal Spreads

Hello all and welcome back! It is the beginning of March so you know what that means… new bullet journal spreads. I am really excited because my posts don’t normally match up exactly with the first of the month, but today really is the first! I did not do any monthly spreads last month so we are well overdue:) I know you are waiting on the second post for the school supply shopping as well, so that will come next Monday. I was thinking about doing it for today but wanted to make sure you had all the bullet journal spreads set for the month of March! So, today I will have three monthly spreads for you to choose from (or make them all!).

March Title and Goals

I have never done a title spread for any month and thought I would give this a try. It’s pretty simple. To start with, I just wrote the word March and made lots of decorations to go around. I am always trying to improve my not-so-good drawing skills and this was a perfect opportunity for me. It is the month of green/shamrocks, not the month of succulents, but I drew them anyway. I saw a cute succulent bullet journal online and had to try it out. I love succulents, but I can never seem to keep them alive. So, they can live forever right here in my bullet journal.

Also, at the bottom of this spread, I have a few goals for myself, including personal, school, and blog/bullet journal. You can make whatever type of goals you want, but here are a few more ideas: work/career, family, relationship, health, and financial.


March Title and Goals

Drawing Challenge

I have seen these drawing challenges all over Facebook and Instagram, but I’ve never actually seen one made into a bullet journal. So… here it is! This bullet journal spread features 31 different things to draw throughout the month. In order to make this spread, I just started by writing March Drawing Challenge at the top. Feel free to write this in the most creative way you can. Then, I made a 5 by 6 grid for the 30 days of the month, and added one extra box at the top for the 31st. If you choose to do this in a month with only 30 days, it will look even better. Also, if you are using the Happy Planner pages, each of my squares was a 7×7 box (if you want it to look exactly the same). Then, I wrote in a drawing for each day. You can use the same drawings as I did, or look up some ideas on Google. I believe they even have themed drawing challenges based on the month.

Personally, I have a hard time remembering to write in my bullet journal daily. For example, I really struggle to fill in my Year in Pixels spread everyday. I am hoping to do better this month. I made this page as another way to inspire me to write in my bullet journal everyday. For some reason I just find it hard to slow down and take the time to do simple things like a drawing challenge, even though it only takes five minutes. As you saw in the above spread, I have bullet journal goals. One of those goals will be to write in my bullet journal daily. I want to hold myself accountable for these drawings (and for filling out the Year in Pixels spread). Let’s hold each other accountable! Comment a few goals you set this month, and let me know how you do in the beginning of April.

Drawing Challenge

March General Spread

It’s been awhile since I have done a regular calendar spread. I usually buy the monthly/weekly combo pack from The Happy Planner, but I ran out of the monthly spreads in January. However, I still have a few of the weekly spreads left over from when I took a break from my bullet journal. So, when I am out of weekly pages I will buy a new pack and have monthly spreads again. For now, I will just use my creativity to plan out the month.

I started this spread with a simple title, “March.” Then, I drew a calendar. Please forgive me for the sloppy lines, I only had one contact in when I did this spread… lol. Also, I did this horizontally because I think it fits the page better. If you are using the Happy Planner dot pages, the dimensions of each box were 6 boxes by six boxes. After drawing the calendar itself, I filled out the days of the week at the top as well as each date in the boxes. I also had a bit of room at the side to make a to-do list and a birthday list. I just wrote both of the title with a pen and used my stickers (which I will link below) for the list part.

March General Spread

I hope you love these monthly spreads! If you decide to do any, please comment below! Have a wonderful week!

As always,

with love,


Supplies Used

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

  • I used this for the title in “Drawing Challenge” as well as to color in the succulents for March Title and Goals. I also used them to write the word goals in that page. I used these to write the title in “March General Spread” as well as the headings for the to-do list and the birthday list.

Happy Planner dot paper

Frixion Erasable Pens

  • I used these pens to outline my succulents and to write the type of goals in :March Title and Goals.”I also used them to make the outline and to write the topics for the drawings in “Drawing Challenge.”

Happy Planner Stickers

  • This is the sticker pack I used for the two lists in “March General Spread”

Pentel Brush Pens

  • I used these for the accent on the title in “March General Spread.” I also used them for the days of the week in the same spread.

PaperMate InkJoy Gel pens

College Life with EG: Part 14

School Supply Shopping (Part 1)

Welcome back to another college Life with EG! Two weeks in a row, I know, we’re getting a little crazy! As I was doing my homework this week, I realized how much I rely on my different school supplies. I only like to write with my favorite pens, and I will only highlight with specific highlighters. Along with that, I realized how much I LOVE my notebooks, and I want to share all that with you. Let me just say, school nsupply shopping is my favorite time of the year. For many of you, it may be the holidays, but for me, it’s school supply season. Which, by the way, I like to do at least by early August or all the good selection will be gone. Now, college shopping is not nearly as fun as ell,etary school. I loved when they gave you an exact list of supplies, and you went to the store and just got to cross of that list. As you move on, it is not that simple. There is never an exact list, and you have so many classes that you want different things for. Sometimes one class is very specific about having a three ring binder, but in some classes, you may be on your own. Trust me, that can be super stressful! How do you know if you should get a notebook and a folder, or just a notebook? Or should you get a three ring binder? Who knows!? Well, I am here to help you out a little bit and give you the insight on the BEST (and affordable) brands! I with lead you through the steps of getting school supplies, what you need based on your “readiness preference,” and how to organize after. I will be breaking this up into two posts because I have a LOT to talk about 🙂

Steps to Getting School Supplies

  1. Take inventory of what you have (so you don’t get way more than you need)
    • If it was reasonable, I would get a new notebook for every subject, every year. However, that gets costly and it’s pretty wasteful. Chances are you only use up half of a notebook (or less) in a year, and you can reuse them the next year. If that is the case, write down your inventory including the colors (I always like to have my folders match my notebooks). Also, write down all pens, pencils, binders, or anything else you already.
  2. Look at your classes and determine if there are any specific supplies you need
    • Along with the supplies I suggest below, you want to make sure you get any specific supplies your teachers request. A math class will probably need a calculator, and Spanish usually takes a three ring binder, for example. Hopefully your teacher sends out an email of what you need before you go shopping!
  3. Set a budget
    • You can seriously spend 100s of dollars school supply shopping. To ensure you don’t do that, set a budget for yourself (you do not have to get the fancy binders by any means). If you aren’t into school supplies like I am, go for the 25 cent binders and save the money for something more exciting to you:) You can put this into one big budget, or set up categories. For example, maybe you want to spend $5 on notebooks, $10 on pens, etc, or you just want to spend a max of $50 on everything. Also, if you already have enough pencils at home, you can save the money and use what you already have! I love to get new stuff all the time, but again, I have come to the conclusion that probably isn’t reasonable.
  4. Set out for the store and be prepared for it to take a while
    • What I mean is… plan out a bit of time. If you want the PERFECT school supplies, you will want to ponder a little bit. You don’t have to go through each row 10 times like I do, but maybe 2 or 3. I prefer Walmart because it usually has the best selection for the best price. Plus, there are Walmarts ALL over. Otherwise, you could go to a place like Staples or Office Depot, but you will be spending a lot more!

Next up… what to buy! In the section I will have three categories… the bare minimum you need to do you schoolwork, the “average,” and how to go above and beyond. By no means feel obligated to do the third one because it truly is “extra”… if you will. If you love school as much as I do, you may want to try it out. \

What to Buy

The Minimal Supplies

The minimal supplies is all you need to get you through your basic classes. Here is what I came up with…

  • Pens and pencils: you always needs pencils (to erase mistakes in your work) and pens (so you can write in different colors). This is all you need for writing supplies, however. If you do not want to buy many things, skip the highlighters. Instead, use your pens to circle and underline. Make sure you have at least one red and black pen, but I would shoot for blue and green as well. As you go from class to class, you can keep these in your pockets or your hands.
  • Notebooks: you can choose to get multiple subject notebooks or a single subject notebook for each class. If you don’t want to carry around a lot of stuff, get a five subject notebook. That should keep you covered for every subject, unless you have more than five classes. In that case, buy two three subject if you have 6 classes or a five subject and a two subject if you have seven. If you are going this route, make sure you are not going to write TOO much. The multiple subject notebooks come with less pages per subject. If you have a class you know will fill up your binder, you may want to get a one subject for it (P.S. I have never filled up an entire notebook for one class).
  • Calculator: only if you have a math class
  • There are some essential items for certain classes, such as rulers or protractors. If you know you will need that stuff, I would recommend one of the kits with all of those supplies. Otherwise, you can wait until class starts to confirm what you need.

The “average” supplies

These are the supplies I would recommend to most people. You want to have everything you need for school, but not be WAY over the top. Unlike me, you may not want a million school supplies, but you still want to make sure you’re set for success. Well, here it goes…

  • Pens, pencils, and highlighters: make sure you have all the pencils you need for class. If you buy a bulk pack (which I would recommend), leave a few pencils in your pencil case and the rest at home until you need them. Trust me, you will lose pencils (or people will steal them, so sad!). For pens, I would recommend at least four (blue, black, red, and green), but you could even go for an 8 pack to be completely prepared. Sometimes I like to double up on the basic colors because I know I will lose them. Then, just a couple colors of highlighters for highlighting definitions and main topics should work.
  • Pencil case: if you are going to have quite a few pens and pencils, you will definitely want a case to carry them!
  • Notebooks for each class: this is totally up to you on how you want to organize these. If you like to have one full notebook per class, then do so. Otherwise, you can buy the multiple subject ones. I recommend getting one notebook for each class, then reusing them the next year.
  • Folders for each class: I like to have folders because they can hold all the loose papers teachers just LOVE to hand out. Now, some notebooks do have folders in them but I find that my paper always gets wrinkled in there.
  • Calculator: only if you have a math class
  • There are some essential items for certain classes, such as rulers or protractors. If you know you will need that stuff, I would recommend one of the kits with all of those supplies. Otherwise, you can wait until class starts to confirm what you need.


As always,

with love,


College with EG: Part 13

Planner updates

Hello all! First of all, sorry for the late post! I have not been on top of it with the blog recently, but I trying to work on it a little bit everyday:(

Today is a mix of both my college miniseries and a normal bullet journal post. I decided to post it as part of the miniseries because most of my planner is related to college activities. Also, I want to start by saying I took a lot of time off from doing my weekly spreads during the holidays. I use the Happy Planner pages, and you can date them at the top. I didn’t want to waste paper and have been using past pages (you will see how it says Monday is the 11th and 18th. That is from January). So, you will see the wrong number above each day. I am almost done with my old pages so I will be able to get a new pack and line up my dates pretty soon. Anyway, I would like to start posting my weekly pages every couple of weeks. I think this will hold me accountable. Sometimes I just get too lazy (as in the entire month of December), and if I posted them on here I would feel more obligated to make them.

I have posted two weeks of my bullet journal. The first post is for the week of February 8-14, and the second post is for the week of February 15-21. I did both of these Sunday, the 7th. I always fill out the entire week ahead, and then I start the week after. So the 7th I finished the week of the 8th, and started the week of the 15th. The 14th, I finished the week of the 15th and started the week of the 22nd. I do this because I usually have a pretty good idea of what is going on in the second week, so I start to write it down. However, I do not fill in all of the the second week because I know there will be a lot more to add. As you can see, I have written down assignments that I know will be do or test I know I will have. I did not write down my work schedule, for example, because I did not have it in the 7th. However, the first week (the week of the 8th) is very very full! I usually leave a couple boxes open in case something pops up. That’s about all there is to it!

As always,

with love,


Valentine’s Day Ideas

Welcome back!! This is my 51st post on Life With EG and I am so excited! It has been a little over a year but I feel like it has been way more. This blog has grown so much over the year and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing followers! I may not have a TON of followers, but I am thankful for all of you! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store, and I am so excited to get to my 100th post:)

Since I’m not doing the monthly spreads this month, I figured I would post something for the next holiday… Valentine’s Day! First of all, I want to talk about Valentine’s Day and what it means. A lot of people don’t like it because they believe Valentine’s Day is just a holiday for couples, so if they are not in a relationship, they’re the odd ones out! However, I totally disagree. Valentine’s Day is really just a day to show people you love them. Reach out to your parents, neighbors, siblings, second cousins, whoever you want! Make sure everyone you love feels loved! So, if Vaneltine’s Day is a hard day for you, I get it. Just remember that it doesn’t have to be what everyone thinks! Today I have prepared a few ideas for Valentine’s dates and gifts for anyone you would like!

“Date” Ideas (covid safe)

  1. Cake (or other dessert) bake-off: Choose your preferred dessert and get to baking! Find a way to score this. I would use taste, presentation, and creativity. If you have someone else with you, they could be the judge. Otherwise, try to be unbiased and judge your own.
  2. Go out and explore: pick five different locations in your city that you want to explore. This doesn’t have to mean going into any buildings, shops, or restaurants. Instead, visit the local parks, a new road, etc. Write down your favorite thing about each location. Make sure to take pictures along the way!
  3. Do some crafts: each person pick out one craft you want to do and just start creating. This can be a DIY house item or just something fun!
  4. Make a bucket list: first, get some take out or make a nice dinner! Then, you can make a bucket list together. Make your own or make a bucket list for your relationship. Do you want to go to visit every state together, or watch every Harry Potter movie??
  5. Make a new dinner: this is always a fun one because I like to stick to my normal, so it gets me out of my comfort zone. Instead of the same food you always make, find a crazy recipe and try to recreate it. If you want to make it extra fun, find a dish and try to make it without looking at the recipe. Get all the ingredients you think you need and just start to experiment. Extra points for a great presentation!
  6. Go for a walk or a hike: even when it isn’t a planned “date”, this is one of my favorite activities. You can go for a walk around your neighborhood and try to find out more about your date! Maybe come up with a list of questions before you go and try to ask all of them before the end of the walk. Or, if you live somewhere you can hike, that’s always a great idea! After some exercise, I am sure you will be hungry, so go grab some food!

DIY gift ideas for family

  1. Spotify glass: I made this for my boyfriend for Christmas and it is sooo cute. You can choose your own song and picture to create an album frame. Below, I will mention a website you can order them from, but you make make these really cheap at home and it’s much more fun! Find the DIY recipe here!
  2. Messages in a bottle: grab a mason jar and a few pieces of colored paper. Cut the paper into strips of about 4 inches by 1/2 inch. Then, write all the reasons you love someone on the pieces of paper. Roll the pieces of paper up and p0ut them in the mason jar. Make a little sign for the outside that says “all the reasons I love you.” You can fill the mason jar up as much as you would life!
  3. Date ideas jar: this is pretty similar to the messages in a bottle. You can also start with a mason jar and lots of different colored paper. For this, I would actually make each color of paper a different theme. You can make a legend on the outside of the jar for dates that are at home, out and about, cost no money, etc. Then, put each date idea on the corresponding color of paper. Again, this does not have to be for a boyfriend or girlfriend. You can come up with date ideas for anyone special in your life.
  4. Acrylic coaster: I haven’t actually made these before but I found them here and they are so cute! You can literally make anything you want by pouring the paint in so many different patterns. Plus, no two coasters will ever look the same. I did make something like this just on a canvas before, and it is super simple, but so unique!
  5. String art: you can make this Valentine’s themed by writing the word love or making a heart. Or, you can use any word/symbol you want for the string art. I have a few hanging up in my room that I made in middle school, and I still love them. All you have to do is find a nice piece of wood you want to do the art on, nail in your shape you want to make, then wrap the string around the nails in a crazy pattern! It’s pretty hard to mess up, which I appreciate. See a full overview here!

Bought gift ideas

  1. Shopify glass night light: this cute gift idea is amazing for anyone who loves music. It comes with a picture of you for the album cover and the rest looks just like your phone when you are playing music. Pick out any song that represents your relationship! When you scan with you phone, it can open up the song on Spotify! You can also make these yourself, as I mentioned above.
  2. Personalized journal: do you have someone you know who loves to write? This is the perfect Valentine’s gift for them! You can customize the front and the back of the notebook with their name or anything you want. It even comes with lined, blank, or bulleted paper! It would make an awesome bullet journal as well!
  3. Customizable mug: Shutterfly has amazing options to customize just about anything! I chose to feature their mug because it is a great gift for everyone…everyone drinks! It can be a water mug, a coffee mug, or an everything in between mug! Maybe they could even use it to hold pencils! You can put pictures and an initial on this mug! Customize it with pictures of the two of you, their family, or anything else!
  4. Heated blanket: who doesn’t love to be warm!? A heated blanket is a great gift for anyone who loves to get cozy! There are so many heated blankets out there, but this Sunbeam one is Amazon’s choice and it’s a great, affordable option. It has three heat settings and it’s reversible.
  5. Mini waffle maker: waffles are amazing, but they’re even better when they’re mini! Isn’t everything better when it’s mini?? These have been all over the internet recently, from making waffles to warming up cookies? I have seem people cook some pretty crazy things in their mini waffle makers. Give this as a gift and have them explore their food creativity!

I hope this helps as you do some last minute shopping/crafting for Valentine’s Day! Have an amazing rest of the week!

As always,

with love,


Happy Wednesday!

Once again, we are halfway through the week! I just realized that Monday was the first of the month and I didn’t post any monthly spreads. So… I think I am going to skip them for this month and start back up next month. I don’t them to be too late into the month that you can’t use them!

As always,

with love,


When School Gets You Stressed

College with EmmaGrace: Part 12

It’s officially the third week of classes for me, how about you guys? I think my school started a little late so you may be even farther into the semester. With that in mind, I am SURE the homework/quizzes/exams are all starting to come. I would LOVE to help you out, so today I am going to give you a few tips on how to “reset” when schoolwork is really piling up!

Step Away

The first step when you have a million things on your plate is to take a step away. If you are staring at the computer screen just trying to finish a paper when everything else is pouring down on you, you will not get anywhere. Trust me, I have tried to do this in the past. I thoughts “just push through this last set of problems, finish that last page, etc.” However, if you step away, you can come back with a fresh mindset. Not only will it help your mental health, but you will work more efficiently and probably get a better grade. I would give this at least fifteen minutes. You can do anything you like, but I would recommend a hobby that brings you happiness. Maybe draw, read a book, or go for a little walk. Something that has NOTHING to do with your school work. You may want to get it all done RIGHT now, but I promise that just fifteen minutes will be worth it. When you have done this, move onto making a list.

Make a list

Make a huge list of everything you need to do. Include all the big assignments as well as the small ones, even if you are almost done with them. It should feel overwhelming at first. Even if you only have two pages left to read for chapter one, write down “finish chapter one.” I will tell you why I do this: you feel like you accomplish more when there are more tasks you can cross off. When you feel like you accomplished more, you WILL accomplish more. If you have a lot of little assignments written down, even if they only take three minutes to do, it is something to cross off the list. I also have a special way to organize the list;

  1. Either get your bullet journal, a notepad, or just a sticky note.
  2. Write down all the subjects you have to do work for. This can be all school subjects (like math, science, or education) as well as anything else (work, chores, etc).
  3. Begin to write what you have to do for each. I usually organize this in order of top to bottom priority. Like I said, EVERYTHING you need to do.

Create a timeline for that list

Now that you have written down everything that needs to be done, you must decide when to do it. Sometimes you are so behind that you might not be able to get everything done by the due date. And sometimes that’s okay. If you can just get yourself caught up, you can make sure you never get to this point again. Take your first subject, and write down the due dates for everything on the list. Even if it is past the due date, still write it down. Then, do this with every other subject. Next, come up with a time you want to complete everything by. If something is already late, you might want to get everything else done first. Unless there is a time limit on late work. For example, in some classes you get a 50% off no matter how late you turn it in. For those, I would start to prioritize everything else first since it doesn’t really matter when it gets done. For other classes, you may get 20% off each day past the due dat. In that case, I would prioritize those assignments a bit more.

Now that you have a date for when you want everything done, rewrite the list as either a daily or hourly schedule. For example, maybe you want to finish one chapter in biology and one page of notes in math by tomorrow. Write both of those assignments down for tomorrow. Or, maybe you want to finish an assignment before noon. If you don’t want to rewrite everything, you can just circle all the items you want to finish by the end of the day/hour, then keep doing that until everything is done.

Prepare your work area

Before you can even think about starting work you need to have a clean space. Start by organizing all your papers and assignments. Make sure everything is in the correct folder, with the correct notebook. When you go to work on an assignment everything should be in one place. Then, take EVERYTHING off the desk: pens, phone, notebooks, candy, whatever you have. Organize all that stuff. Put away everything in the correct spot so you don’t have to do it later. If you just throw everything off the desk it will still be a mess, and a distraction. Now, you should put only what you need for your next task on the desk. As many pencils and pens as you need, a notebook, your computer, etc. Nothing more than what you need because you don’t want a cluttered workspace.Trust me, if you have a million things on the desk, all you will want to do is mess with them or work on them. If you only have stuff for that one assignment, there will be nothing else to do but the assignment! I would recommend getting a glass of water as well so you can stay hydrated. Now, you can back to work!

PS: this means work from a desk, not the couch!!

Stick to your plan and stay on topic

First of all, you made that timeline for a reason! Stick to it! If you were supposed to finish something yesterday, you need to finish it today along with the rest of what was scheduled for today! I know it sucks… but that leads me to the part of staying on topic. Everyone always says to focus and put the phone away, which is so true. I hate to say it, but if my phone is near me, all I do is watch Tok Tok for hours… I just can’t help myself. Besides that, I have a tendency to switch back and forth between all my subjects at one time. I will write one sentence for English and move on to making notes for another class. Try try try to stay away from this! Only bring out your notebook and supplies for the one assignment you are working on. Also, close all your other computer tabs. If I have my blog open on one tab, I can’t help but start writing, even when I should be studying. Even though I need to do both things, it takes a lot more time to go back and forth and try to get my brain reorientated every time. However, if everything else is closed, I only have one notebook, and my desk is cleared of all distractions, I will get so much done!

Take mental breaks

I mentioned this in another college post, but it is too important not to mention again. If you work for hours on end, you will get absolutely nowhere. At least once an hour, give yourself 5-10 minutes to stretch your legs and relax your brain. It may not seem like you have the time to do this, but you do. Along with a mental break, you need a food break too! If you are so behind that you have to spend the entire day doing work, the do it, but make sure are hydrated and fueled. Make sure you eat some great meals and snacks along the way. If you feel your brain starting to wonder off too much, and you just can’t do it anymore, just take a little break. Come back to it in five minutes with a fresh mind.

Go to bed when you need to/wake up early

Do not stay up until 4 in the morning to do your work. This will make you feel horrible the next day and you probably won’t do well on the assignment either. When I write papers really late at night, I wake up the next day and can’t even decipher what I wrote. That being said, every once in a while, it happens. You just have to keep working and I get it. However, if you can help it, get your sleep and wake up early the next day. If you wake up early, you have the power of daylight (and coffee) on your side. I know waking up early sucks, but at least your brain has some more “fuel” and you have a fresh start.

Most of the time, online assignments are due at midnight. If you are working on it after midnight, then it’s already past the due date. So, you might as well finish it in the morning when you have recharged your brain.

I hope this helps! Please reach out to me if you have any suggestions on future miniseries posts! And, let me know in the comments what you do when school is really bogging you down!!

As always,

with love,


Halfway there!

We’re halfway through the week. The homework has officially started to flood in? A little coffee is MUCH needed to get me through (and of course some deep breathing/relaxing). How are you guys getting through the week??

Another Update About Me!

Hello again and welcome to another update on my life! Today is another really exciting update, and I hope you agree with me. I love the support of all my followers and hope you appreciate being able to learn a little more about me. Most of the time I just post about my bullet journal spreads, the mini series, etc., so I like a little change in topic once in a while! I should have posted this a few weeks ago, but I was working on telling all my family before I posted about it on the blog.

So… what is this post even about?

As many of you know, I am going to school to be an elementary teacher. You have to choose one subject to focus on, and mine is math. If you haven’t read any of this before, I would recommend going to the “Update” from November. I am in my second semester of college and have been trying to help other college students through my miniseries. Also, when I blog about different tips and tricks, it reminds me to focus on them as well. Practice what you preach, right? Anyway, last semester I went to a small college about an hour away from home and lived in the dorms, but I didn’t love it. At the end of the semester, I began to think about transferring. I will talk you through all my options, my choice, etc!

My options

Where I live, there is a community college along with a big university. This gave me a few options:

  • Give my college another semester and then think about transferring
  • Go straight to the university in my hometown
  • Go to the community college in my hometown, then transfer to the university

The big decision…

I thought about what to do until the very last minute. I decided to go to the community college, but will transfer to the university in the future. I can only get an associate degree at the community college, so I have to transfer at some point no matter what (you need a bachelor degree to teach). I may or may not get the associate degree at the community college because it requires a few extra classes the university does not need. That means I would have to pay a bit extra to do this. Instead, I could just take the general education classes at the community college, and just receive a bachelor degree from the university.

There are quite a few elementary education courses that transfer easily from the community college to the university, which is a really nice way to save money. I can also dual enroll next year depending on what classes are available!

I struggled!!

I had a really hard time trying to get into classes because I made the decision only a week before the start of the semester. There are MANY problems associated with this. First off, the university I want to transfer to in the future has a four year plan for the education program, and I wanted to follow that. I couldn’t follow it exactly and here’s why…

  • A class was full: when you wait until the last minute you get the last of the classes
  • I needed a prerequisite: a lot of the classes I wanted needed a basic “English 100” class. Even though I got the credit for that in high school, they wouldn’t be able to send my transcript in time for the semester.
  • Classes were only offered in the fall, meaning I will have to wait until next semester to take them


As for why I transferred, I honestly didn’t love the other college. I struggled a little bit with dorm life and COVID. Just the thought of going back made me sad. However, the bigger reason is the education program. I began to compare the programs of the college I was at with the university I will now go to. The university has many more classes that are interesting to me, and that I think will help me more as a teacher. Not only are the classes more interesting, but they actually pertain to teaching. As you know, I am focusing in math. Here is a comparison of the math classes I have to take…

UniversityCollege I was at
Number Concepts for the Elementary/Middle School TeacherCalculus (1 and 2)
Teaching of Elementary/Middle School Mathematics Math for Elementary/Middle school teacher (1 and 2)
Statistics for Elementary/Middle School TeacherStatistical Methods
Geometry for Elementary/Middle School TeacherApplied Statistical Methods
Number Systems/Proportional Reasoning for Middle School TeacherMultivariable mathematics
Functions and Modeling for Middle School TeachersBridge to Higher Mathematics
Teaching Middle School MathHistory of Mathematics
Computing for Middle School MathCollege Geometry

At the end of the day, this was a HUGE factor for me. Before deciding where to go to college, I didn’t really look into any elementary education programs specifically. Thinking back on that, I probably should have. One college may seem amazing, but it all comes down to the program you want. As you can see, all the classes in the university are for teachers specifically, while the college only offers “higher” math classes. I feel much more prepared with the university’s classes.

How do I feel now??

You may be wondering how I feel about the decision a week into my new classes? My answer is; amazing! I love all my new classes and all the professors. Even though I don’t love all the subjects (a couple of them are pretty boring to me), each professor makes it worth it. Here is a list of my classes:

  • Intro to Anthropology
  • Number Concepts for The Math/Elementary School Teacher
  • American Government
  • Geology: Maps and Media

I love math so I obviously love my number concepts class! I am interested in geology, even though it’s a little difficult for me. However, government and anthropology are definitely NOT my favorites. In fact, government was my least favorite class in high school. However, the teacher is really funny and makes the class much more intriguing. As for anthropology, it is completely online. There are no scheduled Zoom classes, only due dates. You are expected to follow the assignments and have them turned in anytime before it’s due. This was a bit daunting to me at first, but I am learning to appreciate it. It really puts me in control and makes me be responsible for ALL my work. All in all, I am loving it so far!

Do what makes you happy my friends ❤

As always,

with love,


Semester 2 Bullet Journal Spreads

College Life with EG: Part 11

Hello everyone and welcome back to College Life with EG! I paused this mini-series in November when semester one ended, but now that school has started back up, so will the series. I love to relate these posts to what is going on in school, so today I will show you some bullet journal spreads to get you prepared for the semester ahead! I hope you enjoy the second “round” of my mini-series, and please do not hesitate to give me some suggestions on what you want to hear about!

Grade Tracker

This first spread is perfect for keeping track of big assignments in all of your courses. It isn’t meant to track every grade, just the major ones: essays, tests, and quizzes. It’s a pretty simple design but can keep you on top of all your classes. With just a glance, you see what classes you are doing well in, and what classes might need some help. To make this spread, just write grades at the top of the page along with the semester name right below. I said winter/spring because it goes through both seasons, but you can call it anything you want. Next, divide your page into however many classes you have. After the title, my page was 48 boxes tall, and I have 4 classes, so each class takes up 12 rows. Then, make a box for each class, leaving one row for the class name. For example, mine were only 11 boxes tall. Once you have the boxes, write the names of your courses on top; you can either write the entire name (like American Government) or just the department and course number (PSI 101). In each box, I made sections for what the assignment was, the date, the weight/value of the assignment, and what grade I received. You can section these off however you like. Then, draw vertical lines to separate each section, and you’re good to go!

Semester Overview

If you read my other post on college bullet journal spreads, you have seen this one before. I mixed it up a little, but I think this spread (or something like it) is crucial when beginning the semester. On this page, I write down all the dates of my major assignments throughout the semester. You can use it for any assignments you want, but I only use it for tests, quizzes, essays, and BIG assignments (anything I should prepare for far ahead of time). I did this in two pages for the last spread, but I wanted to conserve room this time so I condensed it into one. It shows what the assignment is, the date it’s due, what class it’s for, along with mini calendars for each month so you can visualize everything at once. To make this spread, start with a fancy title, as always. I used my favorite brush markers, the Tombow Dual Brush Pens! Then, I divided my page into four equal sections by dividing it down the middle vertically and horizontally. For each month, I started by writing the name of the month in the middle of the section and a calendar below. Each day of the calendar took up one box in my spread. For the rest of the space, I made a big box (which ended up 19 by 16, so I can write down 16 assignments). At the top, I made one legend to show what each assignment was and one legend to show what class it was for. For example, sociology is orange, and tests have a box around the date. I use the shapes (for what type of assignment it is) in the mini calendar around the date. Then, I write the assignment in the box below and highlight the assignment (based on the legend) for whatever class it is. If you want to make another section in each box for the due dates, you can do that as well.

Before the Semester Starts (.5 pages)

This is the perfect spread for getting last minute items checked off your list before the semester starts. If you’re like me, you want to be overly prepared by the first week of classes. If you start off ahead of the game, it boosts your confidence for the rest of the semester. It make seem like a lot of work, but trust me, it really helps. I wouldn’t copy my spread entirely (obviously) because I am doing things that pertain to each of my classes. However, you can totally use the layout AND this can help give you an idea of what you might want to get done. I would start doing the items on this list a week before your first class, so you don’t have to rush anything.

If you noticed, I don’t have a space to buy any binders, notebooks, or folders on this list! That’s because I like to buy everything like that in the summer, when everything is really cheap for back to school. I buy all the supplies I will need for both semesters so everything will be ready to go when winter semester starts. Here is a list of my favorite school supplies (I did these off of Amazon because I know a lot of people are more comfortable doing online shopping right now).

Anyway, here is how to make the spread! I started off by writing “what to do before class begins” at the top of my page. I would choose a different color combination because mine doesn’t really match. Then, I made sections of different categories of what I need to do. For example, I do need to buy a few things. Then, I want to customize different items, prep for my math class, etc. However, you can make any categories you would like! The one I would highly suggest is prep work fir each class. Sometimes professors send out an email of a few things you can do to get ready for the first day, and I would always do that so you can start the class ahead of the game. As you noticed, this spread is only a half page, and the other half is a broken down description of each class schedule, so I will discuss that next!

Class Schedule (1.5 pages)

I made this spread into one and a half pages because I had extra room on the bottom of my “Before the Semester Starts” page. However, you can make it as long (or as short) as you like. This spread gives a layout of the entire course schedule, from course topics to due dates. This is different from the overview spread because it focuses on just one course at a time, and it shows exactly what I will be doing for every class period. For this spread, I pulled the information right off the syllabus. I just copied any information with dates onto here, which is why the sections are different for each class. This page will change a lot based on the class, but I will break down each of mine for you. To begin, I wrote the name of the course, the time, and the Zoom ID and password. Since all my classes are online this semester, I figured it would be a good idea to have all the Zoom information in one place. Below this information, I made a big box and started to section it off.

  • MATH 140: I made three sections: week of, Tuesday, and Thursday. Under the week of, I simple wrote the first day of the week we have class (Tuesday), Under the Tuesday and Thursday sections (the days I have class) are the planned topic for the class. Then, I highlighted every time we have an exam.
  • PSI 101: this class only meets once a week, so there is only one topic for the whole week. My sections were: week of, subject, quiz?, assignment, and read. We have a quiz every couple weeks, so in each box I either write what quiz it is or a simple line if there is no quiz. We have mini papers and discussions that go in the assignment section, and I write what chapters I have to read and take notes on in the read section.
  • SOC 101: As you can see, there is no meet time for this class because it’s truly all online. For each week, we have assignments, lectures, etc., and we are expected to get them done by the due date. So, my sections were: week of, topic, and due date. To save paper, I put two weeks into each row (meaning I wrote each of those sections twice). When there was a paper or exam, I didn’t section off the columns but instead kept the row as one whole section.
  • GEO 102: the outline of this class is a little different because each topic takes a couple weeks. Instead of breaking it down by individual weeks, it is in sections of a couple weeks at a time, which is why I just wrote the date range under the “week” category. My other categories were: topic, read, disc. (discussion), and HW (homework). Under read, I just write the chapter that we have to do for that topic, and under discussion and homework are the due dates of each.

Office Hours

This spread is nothing more than the office hours my professors posted for each class. I wrote it down because I had a little space at the end of the class schedules!

Thank you for looking through my spreads! I hope these can be helpful to you all as we start the semester. If you are not in college, I appreciate you just taking the timne to look through this and support me:)

As always,

wtih love,



  • InkJoy Gel Pens: In “Grade Tracker,” I used this for the accent in the title, the boxes, and all of the pink writing. In the “Semester Overview,” they were used in making the boxes and the legends. I used them ifor all the writing in “Before the Semester Starts” as well as in “Class Schedule.”
  • Pentel Brush Pen: I used these for the calendar and month names in “Semester Overview” as well as the course names in “Grade Tracker.” I also used them in part of the title for “Before the Semester Starts” and the course titles/schedule/zoom information in “Class Schedule.”
  • Tombow Brush Pens: these were the title and the legend in “Semester Overview.” I also used them in the title of “Before the Semester Starts” and to highlight in “Class Schedule.”
  • Paper
  • To buy sticker in “Before Class Begins” (from Happy Planner seasonal stickers)