Bullet Journal

School Bullet Journal Spreads

College Life with EmmaGrace: Part 3(b) Welcome back from the weekend everyone, I hope you all had some time to enjoy yourselves and take a break from school and/or work. Did you do anything fun, or do you have any plans for this upcoming weekend? I know it’s only Monday but it’s never too early […]

Morning and Nightly Routines

Hi all! Happy Monday, I hope you have an amazing start to your week. A great Monday sets you into the swing for a great week. Sooo.. start the day by waking up early and treating yourself to a nice cup of coffee (or whatever beverage you prefer). Do something for yourself today, whether it […]

College Bullet Journal Spreads

College Life with EmmaGrace Part 3(a) Good morning! I hope everyone is having an amazing week, and not working too hard;). Did you have Labor Day off, or did you have to go to work/school. Unfortunetly, I had to go to school, and I had a biology test. The good news is that I got […]

Monthly Spread-September

I can’t believe we’ve already made it to September! It seems like just yesterday was March, and we were all in lockdown. Now, we’re getting into corn maze season! If you didn’t know this already, I am so excited for fall because I love all fall activities (except for haunted houses, no way!!). I can’t […]

My Post Organizer

Hello everyone! I hope you had a good week, and are coming into an exciting weekend. Or maybe the whole week feels like the weekend because you are stuck at home? Honestly, I only know what day it is because of my daily quotes. That’s one reason why I love them so much. Besides the […]

April Expenses

Finally, I am making my post about my monthly expenses spread. I know I posted this before but I just wanted to highlight it a little more in its own post. To start out, I drew “April Expenses” at the top. If you are more artsy than me, feel free to do your own calligraphy […]

To-Do list: April Week 2

How have you guys been doing this week? I know its nearing the end of the week, and I’m just now posting a spread, but hopefully you can use this next week. This new one is a little more complicated than last week, but I think it’s my favorite so far. Here it is: So […]

To-Do list- April 6-12, 2020

I want to hear it.. What are YOUR goals for the week? Each day I like to make a list of ten things that I want to accomplish. Some days there are more, some days there are less. Being off of work and school right now has made me realize I really need to set […]