Semester 2 Bullet Journal Spreads

College Life with EG: Part 11

Hello everyone and welcome back to College Life with EG! I paused this mini-series in November when semester one ended, but now that school has started back up, so will the series. I love to relate these posts to what is going on in school, so today I will show you some bullet journal spreads to get you prepared for the semester ahead! I hope you enjoy the second “round” of my mini-series, and please do not hesitate to give me some suggestions on what you want to hear about!

Grade Tracker

This first spread is perfect for keeping track of big assignments in all of your courses. It isn’t meant to track every grade, just the major ones: essays, tests, and quizzes. It’s a pretty simple design but can keep you on top of all your classes. With just a glance, you see what classes you are doing well in, and what classes might need some help. To make this spread, just write grades at the top of the page along with the semester name right below. I said winter/spring because it goes through both seasons, but you can call it anything you want. Next, divide your page into however many classes you have. After the title, my page was 48 boxes tall, and I have 4 classes, so each class takes up 12 rows. Then, make a box for each class, leaving one row for the class name. For example, mine were only 11 boxes tall. Once you have the boxes, write the names of your courses on top; you can either write the entire name (like American Government) or just the department and course number (PSI 101). In each box, I made sections for what the assignment was, the date, the weight/value of the assignment, and what grade I received. You can section these off however you like. Then, draw vertical lines to separate each section, and you’re good to go!

Semester Overview

If you read my other post on college bullet journal spreads, you have seen this one before. I mixed it up a little, but I think this spread (or something like it) is crucial when beginning the semester. On this page, I write down all the dates of my major assignments throughout the semester. You can use it for any assignments you want, but I only use it for tests, quizzes, essays, and BIG assignments (anything I should prepare for far ahead of time). I did this in two pages for the last spread, but I wanted to conserve room this time so I condensed it into one. It shows what the assignment is, the date it’s due, what class it’s for, along with mini calendars for each month so you can visualize everything at once. To make this spread, start with a fancy title, as always. I used my favorite brush markers, the Tombow Dual Brush Pens! Then, I divided my page into four equal sections by dividing it down the middle vertically and horizontally. For each month, I started by writing the name of the month in the middle of the section and a calendar below. Each day of the calendar took up one box in my spread. For the rest of the space, I made a big box (which ended up 19 by 16, so I can write down 16 assignments). At the top, I made one legend to show what each assignment was and one legend to show what class it was for. For example, sociology is orange, and tests have a box around the date. I use the shapes (for what type of assignment it is) in the mini calendar around the date. Then, I write the assignment in the box below and highlight the assignment (based on the legend) for whatever class it is. If you want to make another section in each box for the due dates, you can do that as well.

Before the Semester Starts (.5 pages)

This is the perfect spread for getting last minute items checked off your list before the semester starts. If you’re like me, you want to be overly prepared by the first week of classes. If you start off ahead of the game, it boosts your confidence for the rest of the semester. It make seem like a lot of work, but trust me, it really helps. I wouldn’t copy my spread entirely (obviously) because I am doing things that pertain to each of my classes. However, you can totally use the layout AND this can help give you an idea of what you might want to get done. I would start doing the items on this list a week before your first class, so you don’t have to rush anything.

If you noticed, I don’t have a space to buy any binders, notebooks, or folders on this list! That’s because I like to buy everything like that in the summer, when everything is really cheap for back to school. I buy all the supplies I will need for both semesters so everything will be ready to go when winter semester starts. Here is a list of my favorite school supplies (I did these off of Amazon because I know a lot of people are more comfortable doing online shopping right now).

Anyway, here is how to make the spread! I started off by writing “what to do before class begins” at the top of my page. I would choose a different color combination because mine doesn’t really match. Then, I made sections of different categories of what I need to do. For example, I do need to buy a few things. Then, I want to customize different items, prep for my math class, etc. However, you can make any categories you would like! The one I would highly suggest is prep work fir each class. Sometimes professors send out an email of a few things you can do to get ready for the first day, and I would always do that so you can start the class ahead of the game. As you noticed, this spread is only a half page, and the other half is a broken down description of each class schedule, so I will discuss that next!

Class Schedule (1.5 pages)

I made this spread into one and a half pages because I had extra room on the bottom of my “Before the Semester Starts” page. However, you can make it as long (or as short) as you like. This spread gives a layout of the entire course schedule, from course topics to due dates. This is different from the overview spread because it focuses on just one course at a time, and it shows exactly what I will be doing for every class period. For this spread, I pulled the information right off the syllabus. I just copied any information with dates onto here, which is why the sections are different for each class. This page will change a lot based on the class, but I will break down each of mine for you. To begin, I wrote the name of the course, the time, and the Zoom ID and password. Since all my classes are online this semester, I figured it would be a good idea to have all the Zoom information in one place. Below this information, I made a big box and started to section it off.

  • MATH 140: I made three sections: week of, Tuesday, and Thursday. Under the week of, I simple wrote the first day of the week we have class (Tuesday), Under the Tuesday and Thursday sections (the days I have class) are the planned topic for the class. Then, I highlighted every time we have an exam.
  • PSI 101: this class only meets once a week, so there is only one topic for the whole week. My sections were: week of, subject, quiz?, assignment, and read. We have a quiz every couple weeks, so in each box I either write what quiz it is or a simple line if there is no quiz. We have mini papers and discussions that go in the assignment section, and I write what chapters I have to read and take notes on in the read section.
  • SOC 101: As you can see, there is no meet time for this class because it’s truly all online. For each week, we have assignments, lectures, etc., and we are expected to get them done by the due date. So, my sections were: week of, topic, and due date. To save paper, I put two weeks into each row (meaning I wrote each of those sections twice). When there was a paper or exam, I didn’t section off the columns but instead kept the row as one whole section.
  • GEO 102: the outline of this class is a little different because each topic takes a couple weeks. Instead of breaking it down by individual weeks, it is in sections of a couple weeks at a time, which is why I just wrote the date range under the “week” category. My other categories were: topic, read, disc. (discussion), and HW (homework). Under read, I just write the chapter that we have to do for that topic, and under discussion and homework are the due dates of each.

Office Hours

This spread is nothing more than the office hours my professors posted for each class. I wrote it down because I had a little space at the end of the class schedules!

Thank you for looking through my spreads! I hope these can be helpful to you all as we start the semester. If you are not in college, I appreciate you just taking the timne to look through this and support me:)

As always,

wtih love,



  • InkJoy Gel Pens: In “Grade Tracker,” I used this for the accent in the title, the boxes, and all of the pink writing. In the “Semester Overview,” they were used in making the boxes and the legends. I used them ifor all the writing in “Before the Semester Starts” as well as in “Class Schedule.”
  • Pentel Brush Pen: I used these for the calendar and month names in “Semester Overview” as well as the course names in “Grade Tracker.” I also used them in part of the title for “Before the Semester Starts” and the course titles/schedule/zoom information in “Class Schedule.”
  • Tombow Brush Pens: these were the title and the legend in “Semester Overview.” I also used them in the title of “Before the Semester Starts” and to highlight in “Class Schedule.”
  • Paper
  • To buy sticker in “Before Class Begins” (from Happy Planner seasonal stickers)

A Review of 2020

Hi all! First off, I want to say that my entire post got deleted on Sunday morning. I worked so hard to rewrite everything because I know you look forward to the Monday morning posts. That being said, if there are a few extra errors in the post, please understand ❤

Anyway, today I wanted to look back on 2020 (blog-wise) and everything I did/ accomplished! I was thinking about doing this last week, but I wanted to get those bullet journal spreads out so you could start using them right away! Now, there were a lot of things I did in 2020 that I was proud of, but today I just wanted to look at the year of my blog. As many of you already know, I just started this page last January, so it has officially been a full year! When I began, the only people who read the posts were probably my mom and my boyfriend. Besides them, I didn’t really tell many people about it, and I was lucky to get one or two other people off the internet. Honesty, that didn’t really bother me. I started this page to help other people and spread creativity, but I also did it for myself. It gives me something to do and allows me to spread my love of the bullet journal. If people read it, I love that! If there are only a few people reading it, I was okay with that as well. However, my long term goal was (and still is) to reach out to as many people as I can. Even if you don’t do my bullet journal spreads, I would love if you could read my page and be inspired to create anything you please. Or, to just use your creativity in everyday life. Over the past year, my page has grown so much in new followers and views, but also in what I post. I only wanted to do bullet journaling in the beginning, but now I post about anything and everything. I am by no means a “popular” or “famous” blogger. In all honestly, I still have less than 100 followers, but that doesn’t bother me! I have started to connect with more people, and for that I am thankful. For each and every one of you reading this right now, I am thankful that you are here and I would LOVE it if you would reach out to me in the comments! Let me know if you have a blog as well so I can share the love 🙂

Well, I guess I should get into the REAL post now!

January 2020

I officially bought my first website! If you didn’t know, you have to buy the website domain ( and the “customizer,” which is what I use WordPress for. I had a free Google website before WordPress, but it did not have much to customize so I quickly switched over. I didn’t have any posts that month yet… not sure why!! I did begin to do my daily quotes, however.

February 2020

I still hadn’t officially started my blog in February. I planned on beginning to post then, but I guess other things in my life got in the way. I did have a few people viewing the page during February, and I began to customize the homepage a bit more.

March 2020

The blog began to take off in March. I finally began posting a few different things, but I focused mostly on my bullet journal spreads. I gained my first follower which meant a lot to me because it meant the page was beginning to take off. I posted a monthly spread for the first time and now I post them at the beginning of every month. I had nine different visitors and received my first like on a post.

April 2020

For the first time, I had over 100 views in a single month. 100 is a big milestone and I would love to keep growing that. In April, I posted even more, with a lot of to-do bullet journal spreads. This is because we were in quarantine so I really wanted to focus on getting stuff done. Honestly, I played a lot of video games, but each day I made a list of at least 5-8 things that I wanted to get done. I posted spreads about this so you could be productive as well! It got me to clean out all my messy drawers; I know that isn’s a blog-related accomplishment, but I am still proud. I also created the “Quotes From the Year” tab so you can see all the daily quotes I have ever posted. I still update this now:)

May-July 2020

I actually took a little break from blogging at this time 😦 Luckily, I still had a few viewers!

August 2020

I finally got back into blogging! When I moved into college, I decided to dedicate more time to the blog to give me something else to do. I really missed blogging because it gives me space to get out all my thoughts. And, I hope to be inspiring many people along the way. I decided to start the “College with EmmaGrace” miniseries with a bunch of tricks and tips for college. This was everything from getting settled in to surviving the first week. The miniseries was something completely new for me as I wanted to incorporate a little more variety into my page. I related each post to something that was going on in school at the time. Even though I was posting a lot more, I still didn’t have a true schedule. At this point, everyone coming to the blog was doing so through a search engine.

September 2020

September was by far the best month for the page. I went from about 50 views in July, to 100 in August, to over 300 in September. I am still so shocked by all the support. I also had some viewers from people all over the globe, such as Romania and Germany. I love that I can connect with people outside of my country through something as simple as a blog! I started to post twice a week, every Monday and Thursday. That was the first time I had ever made a set schedule for the blog. I enjoy posting regularly because people can always count on having a post up on a certain day. Even though I only post once a week now, I want you to rely on me in being able to read a post on a set schedule.

In September, I used a photo-editing software for the first time to blur out personal information on my bullet journal spreads. I saw other bullet “journalers” do that before and wanted to try it out for myself. I posted quite a few bullet journal spreads for college, which were really beneficial in keeping me organized, so I hope they helped some of you as well. I also started to use “tags” which is just like a hashtag on Instagram; it shows what the post is about. I think this attracted a lot of new readers, especially other bloggers with similar interests! Finally, I started posting on my Instagram once again. I created my Instagram in 2019 just to show off my bullet journal spreads, but I linked it to my blog in September.

October 2020

October was another great month for the blog! After starting my Instagram back up, I had a lot of people coming to the website from the Instagram page. I also began to post on Twitter and Facebook, so people were coming from those sites as well. When I began the blog, I didn’t know how to promote it at all, but then I realized social media is a great opportunity! It was really awesome to see so many people coming because they were referred from social media! I still posted twice a week and at least one of the posts was always from the miniseries. I received my first comment which was really special to me because it meant people were engaging with my posts. By the way, I always LOVE to hear from you all in the comments. I almost had 100 different viewers, and the number of countries they came from continued to grow as well. Finally, I started to change up the posts a little bit to make them more appealing. I used different blocks (this is what WordPress calls things to organize the post such as headers, tables, lists, etc.). I think a well-organized post is much easier to read, so hopefully you agree!

November 2020

I stopped doing my miniseries this month. I usually made the posts about what was happening in school, such as posting “Surviving the First Week” the first week of school. So, when there is no school, there is nothing to relate to. However, I plan on restarting it when school starts back up next week. I also to started posting only once a week. I thought that I could put a lot more heart into it if I only posted once. Hopefully you notice that!! I received a lot of views from the WordPress reader, which means that other bloggers are reading my posts. I love to connect with other bloggers to see what they have to say. Plus, sometimes you get great ideas from other websites on how to improve your own. If you have a blog, please drop the link in the comments because I would love to connect with you.

December 2020

I closed out the year with a bang! I had six people comment on my blog! To some, that may not seem like a lot, but it honestly means the world to me. I never knew how many people would see or enjoy my blog. Slowly but surely, I am getting there! Again, I had a lot of people coming from the WordPress reader. Without the miniseries, I needed to come up with something else to post about. I decided to make a theme for December, so I did a lot of holiday posts. I also posted an update on me, which I like to do every few months. I don’t talk about myself all that much, and I figure my followers should be able to know a bit more about me! I received 46 likes from posts that I didn’t even publish in December. It’s great when you see people liking posts 3 months back because that means they are really exploring your page. So thank you for that!

Thank you all for your endless support in 2020, let’s make it an even better 2021!

As always,

with love,


Happy New Year!!

Phew! Can you believe is FINALLY 2021!? Everyone keeps saying they hope 2021 will be so much better than 2020. In some ways, I agree, but I don’t think you have to count on an entirely new year for a better life. Yes, there we many many MANY horrible things that came out of 2020. However, that doesn’t mean it was all because of the year 2020, and it does not mean we cannot start recreating out lives before the new year. While the new year is a great time to start something new, I am a firm believer in not waiting when you know you want something. If you want to start living a different life in December, why wait another month? All that being said, I did make a “new year” goal spread and year in pixels spread, but feel free to start them whenever you please. I also made a 2021 “at a glance” page, so let me know what you think!

2021 At-A-Glance

I decided to keep this spread pretty simple, but it’s a great way to see this year’s layout all in one place. As always, I started with the title, doing a little bit of calligraphy that you can make as fancy as you please. Then, I counted my boxes across so I could have even spacing between each month. I did four columns and three rows, but you can flip flop that if your paper is a little more narrow. I divided my paper into four equal vertical sections, starting with January. I wrote all the days out just like a calendar and put “JAN” above it as centered as I could. I used a highlighter to make the month titles pop out. Then, obviously, I did this with the rest of the months. You could make each number of the month a 2×2 box if you wanted the spread to be a little bigger. As you can see, mine only takes up about half a page and it was a little difficult to fit the numbers into just one box.

Next, I made a section for important dates (if you decided to make your days of the month bigger, you might want to make this part its own page). This time, I sectioned my page into 3 vertical parts, and made the months go down four rows. I simply wrote the abbreviation for each month with a line underneath. Next to the title, I have a legend for all my important dates. For example, blue is for holidays, purple is for birthdays, etc. You can create a legend with any categories you would like.

My “Anytime” Goals

The beauty of this spread is that you can start it whenever you would like. The simple design reminds you of all your goals in many categories of your life. I started by writing the title, then sectioned the rest of my page into six equal sections. In each section, I basically just used a brush marker to write the topic, then did an outline in black pen. Then, I made a little bubble around the title and some arrows that will have the goals at the end of them. I only made a few arrows because this page is only meant to have a few of my MAJOR goals. Some of them aren’t really “attainable” in a certain time, but more of a life habit that I want to keep up on. For example, in my social life, a goal might be to reach out to a new person at least once a week. If you would prefer goals you can finish and cross off, do that! A few other categories might be fitness (pretty similar to health), blog-related, creative, spirituality, or kindness.

A Year in Pixels

Again, you can really start this spread at any time you would like, even in the middle of a month. Since it just goes through one full year, if you start in August, it will just end in August! Like always, start with a fancy title! I even added some pixels to the top for some decoration. Then, I wrote the first letter of every month (J for January, F for February, etc.) in a row. In the next column over, I wrote the days of the month going down, all the way to 31. Then, I made the boxes for each day of the year. In each box, you will fill in a color depending on how the day went. I usually do this at the end of the night before I go to bed so I can judge it from my entire day. Plus, it gives me something to look forward to right before going to sleep.

I also made a legend on the side, with 7 different “types” of days. You could make it even more elaborate with many more colors and types, or even less. Here are the descriptions of my days, as well as another example of how you could do this spread.

Year in pixels: my way

  • Angry, frustrated: it wasn’t the WORST day ever but you felt just angry at the world for most of the day. Maybe someone at work wouldn’t leave you alone, or your dog ate food off the counter.
  • Successful, confident: you did amazing and got stuff done! You felt happy with yourself and everything you did that day. Maybe you woke up early and marked off everything on your to-do list before lunch.
  • Normal, average: not an AMAZING day, but also not a bad day. It went by without any major positive or negative events.
  • Tired, bored: you didn’t really do much or everything you did was just boring. Not necessarily a bad day, but no exciting events occurred. Maybe you cleaned the house all day, which needed to be done, but was extremely boring.
  • Sad, gloomy, down: a depressing sort of day. Maybe a few positive things happened but for the most part your emotions just felt like a rainy day. Maybe it really was rainy outside!
  • Happy, pretty good: an above average day. You were in a positive mood and things went your way for the most part. That doesn’t mean NOTHING bad happened, but you didn’t let it ruin your whole day.
  • Exciting, amazing, perfect: the best day you can have! Everything was just how you wanted it to be and you felt great throughout the day! Pat yourself on the back for that one, but remember it’s okay to have bad days too:)
  • No date: this is just when there is not a day of the month, for example the 30th of February.

Year in pixels: using numbers to rate the day

  1. Very above average day: This is just the absolute perfect day. You did everything you wanted, you felt amazing, everything just seemed to fall into place.
  2. Above average: it wasn’t the best day you’ve EVER had, but it was pretty special none the less.
  3. Average: not really a good or a bad day. Nothing special happened but nothing horrible happened either.
  4. Below average: not a horrible day, but it definitely could have been better.
  5. Very below average: this was just a TERRIBLE day (and that is okay). Nothing went your way, you felt down or angry all day, and you just couldn’t wait for it to be over.

I hope you enjoyed these spreads and have an amazing rest of the week. Let me know if you decide to try any out. Also, don’t forget I am putting my supply list for my spreads at the very end of my posts from now on.

Finally, sorry for the delayed post, but I should be back to my normal Mondays next week. Thank you for your patience!

As always,

with love,



Markers and pens

  • InkJoy gel pens: In my “2021 At-A-Glance” spread, I used these for the black in my title, as well as the titles of each month, and the days of the month. I also used them to write “special days” and the categories for the special days. In “My Anytime Goals” I used these for the black in the title as well. I also used them for the arrows and the outlines of the categories. Finally, in “A Year in Pixels” I used them for the quote at the bottom and the boxes. I believe I used them for the angry and exciting categories as well.
  • Zebra Mid-liners: I used these for the legend and to highlight the months in my “2021 At-A-Glance” spread.
  • Tombow dual brush pens: In “My Anytime Goals,” I used these for the titles of the categories as well as the bubble outline. I also used them for the word present at the end of “A Year in Pixels.”
  • Pentel sign pen: I used these for the word anytime in “My Anytime Goals.” They were used for the title and most of the legend for “A Year in Pixels.”


Another Christmas Blog

At the beginning of the month, I showed you all some gift giving bullet journal spreads. If you have not seen that post, you can read it here! Today, I am staying in the holiday spirit but focusing on something other than gifts: a holiday bucket list and a scavenger hunt that you can do in the safety of your own car! I know it’s hard to go out and do a lot right now, so these ideas are COVID safe to get you out of the house and having some fun. I also wanted to add that I will be linking my supplies in the END of the blog posts for my bullet journal spreads from now on. So if you want to see what I use, scroll down for the links:) With that being said, my first spread today is a bucket list for the winter months.

Bucket List

I chose to make this bucket list into a tic-tac-toe board! However, the goal is to cover the whole board, not just one line ;). Every activity is “COVID conscious” (most you can do right from your home, but a few are outside, such as taking a walk in the snow or having a car scavenger hunt). You can choose to make this spread yourself, or just use some of the ideas for a weekend full of fun. Either way, I hope you enjoy! If you have any other fun ideas for the winter months, leave them in the comments! I love being adventurous and trying new activities.

P.S. I posted my fall bucket list below to show you how I did. I wasn’t able to do everything on my list that I wanted, but I think I did pretty well! If you read the post with my fall spread, go to my Fall Spreads post.

Winter Bucket List
Fall Bucket List

Car Scavenger Hunt

I heard someone talking about doing a Christmas scavenger hunt at my work, so I knew I had to make one for you all to try! Do this scavenger hunt with just your family or have a race with a bunch of your friends (safely in your cars!). I love this because there are so many COVID safe ways to play, and it allows you to do something with others. Here are a few ways to do this scavenger hunt…

  1. Go with just your family: try to find as many of the items as you can. Either set a time limit (maybe an hour?) and see how many you can find in that time, or see how fast you can find all 25 items.
  2. Go with a few families (part 1): start off by making point values for each item. Harder items, such as an outdoor gingerbread house, have higher point values. Everyone goes in their own car and you give everyone a limit of one hour to find as many items as possiblele. At the end of the hour, everyone counts up their points to see who won. If you really want to be competitive, have everyone take pictures and show each other on a Zoom call so you have no liars!
  3. Go with a few families (part 2): everyone starts at the same time and the first family to find ALL 25 items wins!
  4. “Advent calendar” style: every day, you go out and find one item on the list (sorry, you will have to go a little after Christmas because it didn’t come out at the beginning of the month). There are 25 things to find, so you will have something to do for 25 days!

Just to clarify a few items on the list: the “projectors” category means finding the houses with projector lights. They have many different patterns, so you have to find all five. A saying would be a light that projects something like “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” The outdoor gingerbread house will probably just be a blow up, same with the candy canes!

Thank you for reading! Let me know how you do with your bucket lists! And, if you do the scavenger hunt, let me know how it goes! I haven’t done it yet, but I plan to next week!

As always,

with love,



  • Dotted grid paper
  • Seasonal stickers-I bought it at Walmart, but I think they discontinued it
    • Happy Planner website (19.99, on sale now for 15.99)
    • <a href="http://<iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//"> Amazon (16.41 + 5.08 shipping)
  • Calligraphy markers (fall bucket list page)
  • Brush markers (heading on car scavenger hunt)
  • Erasable pens (winter bucket list page)

A little inspiration

We are born to be originals, not carbon copies. It’s great to be inspired by someone, but be bold enough to be yourself.

Hello all! Today I want to just share a few of my weekly spreads from my bullet journal. I know that sometimes it can be so difficult to find inspiration to create AND plan out the week. I hope that these spreads help you find some creativity!

As for the quote, it reminded me of my teacher when I was younger. She used to tell us that there was nothing wrong with getting inspiration from other artists. That’s why they do what they do: to inspire us! Of course, the goal is not to copy, but instead to build off of the work of others. That is what I hope you can do today! Build off of my ideas and make your spreads even more beautiful! So, here they are!

I would love for you all to share your spreads with me! I am always up for some inspiration from others. Or, if you used these for your inspiration, let me know as well! 🙂

As always,

with love,


November Spreads!

We made it to November! Woohoo! That means only one more month, and we have made it to December, AKA Christmastime!! My favorite time of the year! Did you all have a great Halloween? I sure hope so. I had an amazing time with my family at home, and we did lots of Halloween activities. Friday night I celebrated my dad’s birthday and Saturday night I had a little Halloween party with my boyfriend. Sunday I got to relax and make dinner. Sunday night is always a relaxing night in my house. My mom, boyfriend, and I sit down and watch a movie on Sundays (when I am home, of course) to mentally prepare for the week ahead. This weekend was no different:)

Well, it’s a new month and you all know what that means: new spreads!! Today, I am going to focus on the Happy Planner spreads that I use, which come straight from this planner pack! You can also buy it at Michaels and other craft stores! Be a smart shopper and go where there is a discount;)

Monthly dates, goals, etc.

November dates, goals, etc!

This spread is so amazing because you can write down everything about the month all in one place. First off, all the birthdays in your life. I usually keep birthdays on my phone, but transfer them to this spread as well. I put them on the other spread (the monthly overview) that I am sharing with you as well. Next up is monthly goals, which can be anything you want! Do you want to learn how to cook, do you want to make your bed every morning, do you want to work on not pressing snooze? No goal is too small! Then, it has an important dates section. Aside from birthdays, what else is coming up this month? For me, I include any tests I have, major assignments, dinner dates… anything that I know I should remember. I do not include weekly/daily events, such as tutoring every Thursday. Of course, there has to be a don’t forget section! If we’re being honest, sometimes I just use this space to doodle:) Last but not least is my favorite part, labeled “currently.” Here is where you get to list everything you are “currently” doing for the month, so feel free to be creative. If you can’t read the picture, it has everything from reading to watching to feeling. Of course, you may not be watching the same show all month, but this is just something fun to fill out at the beginning of the month to check in on yourself. If you keep these pages after the month is over, it’s a fun page to look back on and see what you were doing with your life at that specific month.

Monthly layout

This is just your basic overview of the month. I did post about this spread once before, in my “Using my Planners” post. This month is a bit more full because I have final exams at the end and a lot of other work to do. In the spread, I write down all my big events for the month, from birthdays to tests. I also try to make it colorful with lots of stickers. My favorite sticker pack to use for this spread is the Happy Planner seasonal pack. It has cute stickers for every time of the year!

I would recommend color-coding this spread(although I did a horrible job this month) according to each event. Maybe birthdays are pink, tests are yellow, and family events are blue. You can do this with colored pens or even highlighters! Just like the first spread from today, I don’t really put in all my daily/weekly commitments like classes and tutoring. Instead, I focus on the major dates I need to remember, including holidays and appointments. As soon as I schedule an appointment, I put it here! Then, I add it to my weekly spread when it comes time!

So, what are your big plans this month!? Let me know in the comments. Also, please reach out to me and let me know what type of spreads you want to see next month!

As always,

with love,


How to Email Your Professors

College with EmmaGrace: Part 7

Happy Thursday! I hope you are all having an amazing week! I can’t believe Halloween is already this weekend. Fall has honestly flown by! I am so excited because I get to go home this weekend and see my family… and hopefully do some Halloween-themed activities;) I know people can’t really trick-or-treat this year, which is so sad to me! I am still going to dress up and get in the spirit!! I think it is so cool that my neighbor actually made a chute to send candy down if he gets any trick-or-treaters. I love the creativity and positivity he has in these hard times!

Anyways, today I wanted to share with you a few quick tips on how to email your teachers/professors.

5 steps to writing an email

1. Start with a solid subject line

When you are emailing a professor, or even anyone, you want to start with a subject line. That way when they see your email amongst 100s of other emails they know exactly what is it about and see that it is important. Also, make sure that the subject line is clear and concise. I actually have a professor who makes us write our subject lines in one specific way, starting with the class and class section, and then what the email is about. I don’t think you necessarily have to do this, but you do want to make sure they know exactly what you are talking about in a few words. Here are a few examples:

Test on 10/27Trying to understand why I got a C- on my test from 10/27
Upcoming education essayWondering how to start my education essay that is due next week
DNA replication questionWhy does DNA replicate only in the 5′ to 3′ direction

2. Address them and yourself

Start with a “Dear Professor (whatever their last name is)” line. If you know you can be a little less formal with them, you can say hi or hello professor. Start the next line with your name and what class you are coming from. With so many students, you can’t always expect your professor to know who you are.

3. Get to the point

You don’t have to “dilly-dally” much when you are emailing a professor. They don’t have a ton of time in their schedules (just like you) so get to the point right after you introduce yourself. Also, be concise with your question or comment. In the past, I have added too much extra “stuff” in my emails to professors, and they never ended up answering my question. Make sure your questions are very clear as well so they know exactly what you want/need.

4. Review for errors

Check through your email or even use Grammarly. You want to come off as professional to your professors, which means not having the wrong too vs. to. Even when you proofread, mistakes still happen sometimes and that is okay! Take my blog for example; I read through each post before making it public, but I still have errors!

5. Sign off

Finish your email on the right foot! Here are a few examples:

  • Best (more formal)
  • Respectfully (more formal)
  • Sincerely (more formal)
  • Regards (more formal)
  • Have a great day
  • Thanks so much
  • Have a great weekend

Things to remember

How well do they know you?

  • Do you need to start off every email introducing yourself or do you think they know you well enough? This really depends on the size of the university you go to and how much your professors care to get to know you. Chances are if you go to a large university with 500 kids to a class, they will not recognize you by the name on your email address. If this is you, it’s extra important that you start by addressing yourself. If you go to a smaller college, or if you talk to your professor a lot, you may be able to skip that step.

What kind of professor are they?

  • I have one professor who actually wrote a sample email for us at the beginning of the year. If you do not follow that exact formal, he will not respond. I have another professor who signs her email “hugs.” These are two totally different extremes and you really just have to know what your teacher is expecting. For some, you may be able to get away with a simple email with no subject line, and for others you may have to be completely formal. Either way, make sure you stay respectful and let them know you appreciate their time.

What time of day/what day of the week is it?

  • I would recommend staying away form emailing your professor really late at night, or especially on Sundays. If you do email them at these times, do not expect them to respond right away. I think anytime before 8PM is respectful, but if they don’t respond until the morning you have to understand that. Furthermore, try to start all your assignments ahead of time so can avoid emailing them at the last minute. Trying to ask a professor late Monday night about an assignment due Tuesday morning is not a good idea. They will likely not respond until well after the assignment is due. In my experience, most professors routinely check their emails throughout the day during the week. If you email them in the morning, you will LIKELY get a response by that night. Just remember that this is not always the case so you must be patient.

Did you look for the information yourself first?

  • There have been many times where I emailed the professor and figured out my exact question ten minutes later. This is a waste of their time AND yours. Make sure you look at the syllabus or any other resources you have before sending an email. If you have a question about when something is due, it is most likely in the syllabus. If you can’t figure out why you got a question wrong, try to look at your notes first. Finally, if you really can’t seem to figure it out, THEN email them.


Subject: ADHD lesson

Dear Professor Henderson,

My name is Jillian Belk from EDU 130. I had a question about the lesson on ADHD from Thursday; how does the hyperactivity-impulsivity type differ form the inattentive type? Does the student only show signs of one of the two types or can they show both?

Thank you,

Jillian Belk

I hope this helps relieve some stress about having to email your professor. Have an amazing rest of your week, and feel free to reach out in the comments if you have any other questions or tips!

As always,

with love,


Fall Spreads

Fall is finally here everyone…officially! Can you believe it? I feel like just yesterday we were starting spring and the beginning of quarantine. I can’t even tell you where summer went. Honestly, I feel like it has been fall for awhile though. I start to prepare so far in advance, and I where I live, it gets cold FAST. I have a couple fall themed spreads for you today, but you could really make them for any season if you just change the drawings 🙂

Fall Bucket List

This spread is so cute and fall-like, it makes me so happy every time I use it. I wanted to give you this spread to either recreate with your own fall bucket list, or just to give you inspiration on what to do over the weekend. By all means, feel free to just go out and copy these plans, that’s what they’re here for!

To make this spread, I started out with a cute little “fall bucket list” title: you can write/draw this in any way you want. Then I have three categories: a general bucket list, a food and drink list, and a self care list. My general list was the longest and included some of the most important foods, drinks, and self care items that I want to do this fall. I used little fall icons instead of checkmarks to show which activities I did. Once I complete the activity, I can just color in the little leaf, ghost, or candy corn.

Spooky Season Mood Tracker

I’m sure you’ve all seen mood trackers before, and maybe you like them or maybe you don’t. One thing that some people don’t like about them is that they require work every day, but I love this because it keeps me accountable. Plus it only takes about ten seconds. A mood tracker is great to view at the end of the month, so you can see how you felt throughout each week. It is also great to go through different mood trackers from month to month so you can track your progress over a long period of time. For example, maybe you had a really hard April, but May you decided to work on your mental health, and your mood tracker reflected that!

To make this spread, I wrote October on the bottom (for some crazy reason). If I were you, I would put the spider web and the October label at the top since October comes before November. To make the spider web, start by drawing three long lines that intersect at the middle. The draw little curves between each line. You want to make five spaces for each line, giving you a total of thirty little crevices. Then, you can color in each box by the day. What I didn’t post on here was my key for the October mood tracker, which is just different colors. Everyday, I just color in the little crevice that corresponds to that day. If you were sad all day, maybe it would be blue, or if it was a great day, maybe it would be pink.

The November mood tracker is a little bit different because it uses patterns as a key instead of colors. Start by making a scarf however you want. My scarf was five boxes wide and each day was two boxes down. So, each day corresponded to eight boxes which is just enough to create a pattern. Based on how I felt that day, I would color in each pattern accordingly. For example, a great day is a polka dot pattern. I am so exited to see how this spread looks at then end of the month, with a fully colored in scarf! Don’t worry, I will post pictures:)

I hope these spreads give you a little inspiration for some fall bullet journaling! Let me know if you end up using these, or any other fall spreads. And, are there any other fall spreads you want me to do??

As always,

with love


Monthly Spread-September

I can’t believe we’ve already made it to September! It seems like just yesterday was March, and we were all in lockdown. Now, we’re getting into corn maze season! If you didn’t know this already, I am so excited for fall because I love all fall activities (except for haunted houses, no way!!). I can’t wait to go through corn mazes, pick apples, and carve pumpkins.

ALSO! I have not been very good about this recently, but I wanted to start getting into the program of providing you all with monthly spreads at the beginning of each month. Today, I am going to share with you my gratitude and expense trackers.

September(October and November) Gratitude Tracker

This gratitude tracker is a new spread that I’ve never tried before, but I think it will be really awesome for my mind to write down one thing I’m thankful for everyday. Being stuck at home during COVID made me really think about everything and everyone that I love in my life. It inspired me to make this spread because we often take so much for granted, and I think taking just a moment each day to think about what and who you love is essential.

I combined the next three months just to save some paper, knowing I can write pretty small. If you prefer to write bigger, feel free to make this spread for only one or two months per page. Basically, all this spread has are the dates of the month, and you write down one thing you’re grateful for next to each number. This can be anything simple, such as your family, to something more specific, like an event that took place during the day.

September Expense Tracker

I love this expense tracker because it highlights so much in just one spread. I started off with a couple doodles at the top. Of course, you can feel free to draw whatever you want. I didn’t have any stencils at the time, so don’t mind my attempt at drawing:). Below my doodles are where I will put my goals for my checking and savings accounts, with a start and end balance. I also have goals for how much money I should spend on needs, wants, and anything in between. I have a section for what I WANT to spend(to fill out at the beginning of the month), and a section for what I ACTUALLY spend(to fill out at the end of the month). Below that is a section for bills, and then I have a tracker for the days I don’t spend any money. Each day is a 2×2 box, and when I don’t spend any money that day, I color in the box. That way at the end of the month I will know how often I spent money. You can also make a goal, such as only spending money 15 days of the month. Lastly, I have a tracker for money spending. In April, I made one of these as well. It has a category for the day you bought the object, and what exactly it was. What store did it come from, what category(food or crafts, for example), and total amount you spent. Next to that is where it gets a little complicated, and of course where I messed up. C and DC are cash and debit card; you just put a check mark on whatever one you used. N and W stand for need and want, which you would also just check off.

I hope you loved these new spreads for September, and are inspired to make them for your bullet journal! Email me or let me know in the comments if there are any specific spreads you would like to see for next month.

As always,

with love,